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Mad Men 03x03: My Old Kentucky Home

[We All Go A Little Mad]
Oh the many different roles a woman had to play back in the day. Joan showed her domestic side by following Emily Post's guide to hosting a lunch for your husband's colleagues. While Peggy bonded with the boys over some weed. And of course Betty played dutiful wife at another of Don's functions. Meanwhile, the ever sagacious Don Draper puts Jon Gosselin in his place. Listen up douche! The Don has spoken!

Mad Men the Musical
Three Songs in One Episode??! This is fantastic. Kinsey's duet with Jeffrey made me cringe the most surprisingly. I thought Roger would take the cake for that one, but I have a special place in my heart for Roger no matter how idiotic he gets. But Joanie was the revelation. I don't know if she plays the accordion for real, but her voice is stellar. Damn!!!! Bryan Batt (Sal) is a theater actor, i think. I'm sure boy can sing too.

Joan Plays Good Hostess
Sometimes, I just want to slap Jane Sterling across the face. Look at her look all high and mighty and putting Joanie down! you have no right woman!!!! No right. I love how Joan is just all cool and classy. That's the spirit, Joan. Kill her with kindness.

I kind of feel bad for Joan with how her husband is treating her. He's obviously not telling her things and then totally forces her to perform for his colleagues. She's not a mocking bird!!! But look at that mocking bird sing! She's got a voice and yes, many talents indeed.

Peggy Is So High Right Now
Look at Peggy hanging with the boys. I feel bad for her secretary, Olive though. She's obviously trying very hard to keep Peggy in line and all proper, but Peggy isn't having any of it. I kind of like how Peggy's really asserting herself and showing the men she's just as good as them, if not better. Go Peggy. Show 'em.

Kinsey's friend Jeffrey is pretty cute! Do I sense something going on between the two of you? They so did not answer when Smitty asked if they got a lot of girls. And Smitty doesn't look bad either! Look at him and Peggy getting close there in front of the couch. So many boys Miss Peggy, so little time!

Sally's Got Sticky Fingers
I'm kinda digging how Betty's dad is really nice to Sally. I feel like these kids are really neglected and it's nice to see Grandpa take a liking to his grandkids. Sally cannot be an actress when she grows up as her 'look grandpa! is that your money?' act was soooo bad. But Grandpa was nice enough to brush it off. So sweet. Sally's obviously begging for attention.

Roger's is Not Young But Foolish
Oh Roger, unfortunately, you do not have the excuse of youth. Even your boyfriend Don can't forgive this indiscretion with Jane. Sure you're in love but you're obviously acting very very foolishly -- for that time at least. All these grand gestures (the wedding, the party, the singing) does not make for a proper appearance. Don may be your friend, but he's your colleague too and he obviously does not approve.

Watch Pete and Trudy Rip Up the Carpet
I seriously just wanted to give Pete a hug!
Look at him try to impress his boss! And Trudy!
Look at you all cooperative and happy!
You guys don't need a baby! You're so happy!
Or are you?

I'm really digging how Pete is. Sure we did not get Pete/Peggy in this episode either. Except for that brief moment in the start when Pete informed them they'd have to work the weekend cause he and Ken (and Harry) were invited to the party. But at least we get some Pete/Trudy and DANCING at that! You can't get beat Pete dancing. 2/3 episodes already! I vote dancing in every episode!

Don shows James Bond how it's done
I'm still trying to figure out the significance of Don's
conversation with this man, but I just wanted to gif
him making drinks and looking good.

Betty Feels Like an Open Umbrella
I swear Betty Draper never looks anything short of impeccable. She's the most beautiful open umbrella I've ever seen. And I found it funny how Trudy and Jennifer (?) were both trying to get her attention right as soon as they arrive at the party. Everyone wants to suck up to the Don's wife no? I wouldn't blame them.

And what's up with this man feeling up her stomach. I understand you took some martinis but you better not let Don catch you. Your face and a black eye are not going to look good together. And for this week's Don Draper charms his way into my panties moment of the week. I really hate Jane and how she had to blabber how mouth away (no matter how rich you are, you're still a dumb drunk -- wow, I'm really angry at her!). And look at how this upset Betty!

So when Don just sweeps her into his arms and plants one on her underneath the moonlight, I swear I swoon. Man knows how to enthrall me and I'm sure if I were in that damn lawn, I would have fainted in his arms. But Betty knows her husband and she's probably deciding how to punish him this time, but she so cannot resist those lips. Look at him just drop her coat and bag to deepen the kiss! I swear I am freaking melting.

Don fucking Draper still knows how to take my Betty's breath away
How fucking perfect/beautiful are you guys together. Make it work!

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