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There's still that neon sign, we've got time for this

[Think -- 34 Down/18 to go!]
[-] I should have been more specific about a job landing on my lap. I'm the most indecisive person and now I have to choose. I should be glad that I have options that I'm interested in, but I would just rather someone choose for me. Help?
[-] This week could be my last week of complete freedom and it terrifies me. I feel like I won't have time for the important things in life (e.g. the internet)?! Say it ain't so, future job.
[+] I realized that maybe the reason why I don't have a job yet is cause my grandma is sick and my mom could use my help driving my grandma to the hospital and stuff. Maybe. We had Jollibee today cause my grandma doesn't like to eat much and she needs to eat, so we got her her favorite food: Chicken Joy! [+] Took yet another test at a company and since they could tell you right away if you passed, I didn't have to prolong the agony. Now all I have to do is 'wait' till they contact me. Right. And I'm back to my pseudo-job. Boss finally replied. It scares me how this is how my future week-in-reviews will sound like. Ew. [+] I trekked all the way to Mall of Asia for an interview with the boss of my boss from my pseudo job and hopefully I get a 'real' job this time. This was the first interview where I went in thinking I had something to lose so maybe that's a good thing. Then I had dinner with my parents and jamypye. Sisig is ♥ [+] I think my grandma was trying to make up the four comedies that she sat/slept through with me that she agreed to watch Twilight with me! Then again, she pretty much slept, but after she told me, "the story is beautiful." I think she heard me complaining that no one wants to watch with me. So sweet.
[+] Got a call in the morning for another job interview at a company I wasn't so aware about. I was so lazy to go all the way to Makati but the getting off my lazy ass was worth it. The job seems really interesting and is bound to be mega hard, but I was definitely interested. Now I have to decide. Boo. Toin coss Coin toss perhaps? [+] I finished reading The White Tiger which was a book I never would have read if it wasn't given to me by Con for my birthday. Amazingly moving book. But totally serious so I decided to re-read New Moon again and now with all the clips I've seen and all the characters, my unimaginative self has a better picture of things.
[+] Started the week with Jollibee and zero work prospects. Ended the week with more Jollibee and lots of thinking to do. What a change a week can make. Of course I didn't want to think so I finished re-reading New Moon instead and napped a lot. Decisions, decisions. Something tells me I'm going to put this to a vote.
Tags: 2009 weekender, first job, more family, vacation
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