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Mad Men 03x02: Love Among the Ruins

[We All Go A Little Mad]
Why is it that we still get not Peggy/Pete in this episode? I'm guessing Matthew Weiner wants us to really ache for them so when we finally get our fix, it'll feel like heaven. And though this week's episode took me forever to find and watch, when I finally did with jamypye, I cursed so many times out of love for this show. I swear I'll never get to write down everything I'm thinking just because there's way too much stuff going on.

Peggy's Growing Up!
Look at Peggy taking tips from Joan, sort of trying to stand up to Don, sleeping around with grad students she picked up from bars and just being an ad wo(man)! Before we know it, she'll be mixing drinks in her office too! But really, go Peggy for grabbing what you kinda wanted and going for it.

The way she rationalized Patio to Ken, Harry and Sal and how she's just really trying to come into her own at the firm is commendable. And I love how Roger tells her she's not like the other girls in the office with a big grin on her face. And is it just me or did the guy she sleep with look A LOT like Pete Campbell? Girl has a type!

I have nothing to say other than
damn Peggy is too adorable!
Bye Bye Birdiiiieeee!!!!

Pregnant Betty's Feeling Those Mood Swings
Before anything else: look! Roger gave her a kiss. Okay, moving on. You know how pregnant ladies aren't supposed to be drinking alcohol, smoking or getting stressed out? Well Betty sure knocked all those off the checklist for a 'healthy' pregnancy cause she did all three, though the last one, not on her own. I wonder how this baby's going to turn out.

But in fairness to her, she did all that looking wonderful. How beautiful is she while pregnant?! Goodness, if the world ends and I get pregnant one day in the far future, I want to look like Betty. Girl looks impeccable. Her hair is sooooo pretty all the freaking time. And sorry, but her brother William is annoying. But more on that later.

Just Because I ♥ Roger
Look! They put Roger/Don again! I love Matthew Weiner for always having scenes with these two just because their bromance is beyond love. Look at Roger trying to 'share his feelings' with Don before their business lunch thanks to the 'stress' he's going through with Margaret's wedding. Side note: Brooks is kinda cute in a football-er way. And Don totally brushes it off. You know Don doesn't like to talk about feelings!!!

Their tag team is brilliant though. They won the account just like that. With Don doing the talking and Roger doing the backing up. The lunch he ordered sounded delish too. BUT REALLY the whole point of this is to showcase how utterly thick the sexual tension is with Roger/Joan. Come on, you know you could feel it. You both want it. Why do you BOTH have to be married?! The look Joan gave him and the smirk he gave her back. Ack. Be still my heart!

Roger: Good night Mrs. Harris.
Joan: [saunters away really sexily]

Did Don actually Keep it in his pants?
Or did they not show it but imply that he will soon be banging Little Sally Draper's teacher as well. I have to say, I can't blame Sally's teacher. Did you see how gorgeous he looked with those shades on?!? And the suit. In the sun. With the grass. And the shades. And that hair. With that smirk. And the shades? You get the point.

But really, look at Don taking charge in this episode. First with getting the Madison Square Garden account, which he sadly lost (I swear, Price is so being cursed by a lot of folk) and then talking to William. Which then leads me the Don Draper charms his way into my panties moment of the week. Look at Don doing right by Betty. I'm sure he doesn't know what the fuck he's getting into with letting Betty's dad stay with them, but for all his cheating, and general assholery, he's still looking out for Betty.

The finality of how he laid it down for William (though he really shouldn't be meddling), was kinda hot, in a I'm-Don-Draper-hear-me-roar kind of way. And look at the way he looked at Betty and the way she looked right at him knowing he had something to do with it. This is what's keeping them together.

Don: This is what's going to happen.
You are going to explain to your sister and your wife
that we have reached an understanding

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