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Smokin' Aces

The first time I had seen Ryan Reynolds was on Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place. I don't recall ever watching it but I knew he was one of the two guys. The next thing I know he's in a string of comedies like Van Wilder and Just Friends and still I kind of dismiss his frat-boy-ish good looks.

It wasn't until I saw him in Definitely Maybe that I actually started to pay attention. All I knew of his life outside the cameras was that he was engaged to Alanis Morissette, so when I found out that they were no longer attached and he was suddenly dating and marrying Scarlett Johansson, it made me wonder if he was really going up the ladder.

But then I watched The Proposal and I was just sold. Not only does he have that really really smoking body, but his comedic timing and his humor are just too good to pass up on. I love a guy who can make me laugh. It doesn't hurt that he happens to be drop dead gorgeous either.

On the Hard Parts of Acting

"On that note, that being said, it was damn hard kissing her. You’ve never experienced anything until you’ve had a mature, darting tongue in your mouth."

On How He Spends His Downtime

"I did two trips in 2006. I did one through New Zealand on a motorcycle, and I tried to cross Australia on a motorcycle from one end of the continent to the other. My friend and I did not make it, unfortunately – he crashed, and we had to find a hospital."

On doing love scenes with Sandra Bullock

"It actually helps when you're friends, because after a few hours, you're laughing about it. You're having these mundane conversations and the only difference is you're not wearing pants. She just had on the little postage stamp things and I wore a flesh-coloured pouch. It was really, really awful"

On what he did pre-fame

"I worked as a busboy in real life. I have some calluses that are not just from snacking at the actors' craft service table."

On things he can no longer do

"I used to backpack when I was younger. I think I can actually say that I can’t do the hostel thing anymore – I’m a little too spoiled."

On getting recognized in public

"I get noticed depending on where I am. I have no problem wandering all around Spain. But the Germans – ah, the Germans – they are like, ‘Oh! Van Wilder’s a party animal!’"

On how he started out

"I started when I was 13 years old. I did a really horrible soap opera called Fifteen for Nickelodeon that stoned college kids kept on the air for three years. And then the first movie I did was in Sri Lanka when I was 14. I spent three months there. I was there without my parents working on a movie in a country that was in the midst of a civil war. It was pretty wild."

On where he got his natural talent

"I never took acting classes, but I knew I could do it based on the skill with which I lied to my parents on a regular basis!"

On how he feels about acting

"Acting has given me a way to channel my angst. I feel like an overweight, pimply faced kid a lot of the time - and finding a way to access that insecurity, and put it toward something creative is incredibly rewarding. I feel very lucky."

On His fear of being hot

"If you take any of that sex symbol stuff seriously, you need to be euthanised — ASAP. There are moments when you can use that to your advantage. But it's really embarrassing. I think I fear more than anything just sounding like a complete asshole when I have to answer that question."

Poll #1448095 Hot Or Not?

Mr. July: Ryan -- Hor Or Not?

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