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Days that go unwritten; all the things you're missing

[Quick -- 33 down/19 to go!]
[-] I know I say it every week but where the hell did 2009 go?! There cannot be 19 weeks left in 2009! It's too freaking fast!!!
[+] This means there are 88 days till New Moon. Guiltily excited!
[-] I'm not really giving up but just resigned to the fact that a job will find me if it's meant to be. I'm tired of eagerly waiting.
[+] Here's to staying positive and hoping for a more 'exciting week'. Hope everyone has a better one as well!

And I thought last week was uneventful...

[+] I don't usually like the first day of the week but thanks to the return of the men of Sterling Cooper, I thoroughly enjoyed my Monday with brand spanking new Mad Men. And despite my ever-growing to-read fic updates, I broke protocol and skipped the list to read the amazing Hydraulic Level 5 with famouslyso. LOVE. I almost forgot. Fandom exploded! Did I expect any less? [+] Extremely hot during the day so I resorted to reading fic in bed, but then I got a text from Hannah saying she had premiere night tickets for The Time Traveler's Wife in Makati for the evening. I had to get off my ass, which is very hard as it seems to be glued to my bed and I braved Makati traffic to watch with jamypye and outof_focus. So worth it though despite my non-crying. [+] I managed to wake up early for my interview in Ortigas despite getting in late from the movie. It sucks though because I only got interviewed only by HR instead of the director. I have to return again next week. I know it's a process but I'm getting tired of going for something I'm not even so hot about. I know I shouldn't complain but please send a job I kind of like? Thanks! [+] My mom left me to entertain my grandma so I thought we'd watch a movie. We ended up watching FOUR comedies straight cause she kept wanting something 'funnier.' Fun With Dick and Jane, Dodgeball or Mr. Deeds were NOT funny enough for her. Finally "Meet the Fockers" made her laugh. If only we had watched movies I hadn't actually watched over and over before.
[-] I know it's good to be prepared but hearing my grandma about how she wanted things to go at her funeral was kind of weird. I'm glad that she's so very ready and accepting of it all, and it will be good because everyone knows what to do but somehow it just feels odd. Definitely not our usual family gathering. [-] We were supposed to go watch Up but the cinema lines were crazy long, similar to the really long line for Transformers. And so we ended up eating Hotshot burgers which were a pretty good trade off. Then my sister's boyfriend gives me and my little sister pasalubong from New York (pictured on Sunday). In fairness, I'm so touched. [+] My dad was in a strangely good mood, (perhaps because my school UP beat his rival school DLSU yesterday?) that he actually cooked lunch today! It was good! Fic-wise, I'm sad that Art After 5 is ending and Creature of Habit is done!!! Luckily I found Gravity an AU which I don't usually read but it's so gooood.
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