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Girl Crush: Leighton Meester

With a girl like meesters on my friends list, it's kind of impossible NOT to crush on Leighton Meester. But really, even without Yana's wonderful influence, it's gonna be hard to resist Leighton's charms just because this girl is so damn adorable. Whether she's playing Queen Bee Blair on Gossip Girl or being fabulous alongside Cobra Starship with their music, Ms. Meester sure knows how to have fun.

And though I've only seen her on the small screen, I'm sure her future is pretty much set if she continues on this path she's on. I'm really excited to see what she's got up her sleeve beyond Blair, cause I know she's going to go places. But on a more shallow level, the level I love to wade in, just look at her. It's really hard not to crush on her when she's just that beautiful. And like she sang, she really does make the good girls go bad.

1. She isn't ashamed of doing nothing
"You know, I'm trying to think of what I'm ashamed of. But, damn, I don't really have any shame. I don't feel guilty at all if I'm just lying around, one of my best guilty pleasures is doing absolutely nothing."
I love how she isn't afraid to admit that she just likes to do nothing -- cause with the amount of work she does, she deserves to lounge and just take a break. But really, I kind of get to relate to this on a different level of laziness just because I love to do nothing as well. Though I'm sure in reality, she really does do something. It's cute how she's not guilty of guilty pleasures just cause she never is guilty about things.

2. She's still trying to find her style
"I went through so many phases in high school that I can't say exactly what my style was. A combination of just rolling out of bed and going to class and kind of defying my femininity by wearing sweatshirts with holes in them, never wearing heels or skirts. Also, all black almost all the time."
Woman may have been unsure of her style back then, but now, she's looking pretty damn fine. Whether she's all glammed up or on the streets, she really does have a cute sense of style and she looks like she's comfortable and having fun no matter what she's in. I love how she's not boxed into one style either and takes chances with her clothing.

3. She doesn't buy into gossip
"I don't (deal with gossip). This comes from maturing and growing up, but I've learned to let things roll off my back. If people say negative things, I could care less. But I let it give me a boost of confidence if they're saying nice things. If the press says anything, I see it as a plus because at least people are paying attention and watching the show."
I can only imagine how crazy one could get if they listened to every little thing said about them, especially for a person who works on a show that revolves around gossip. So it's nice to know she just doesn't let it get to her. If Leighton can do this on a large scale, I shouldn't let the small things bother me either.

4. She loves her mom
"There are a lot of things to think about, but my mom just dove right in. My mother has been my manager ever since [moving to New York]. My mother always believed in me and tried to help me pursue my dreams. She [her mother] has a lot of faith in me."
I like it when celebrities still stay close their families and Leighton is no exception. I don't know if her mom is still her manager or anything but the way she talks about her shows how much respect and love she has for her mom and I really dig that. It's nice to see she hasn't forgotten her folks.

5. She still believes in forming real friendships
"I don't want to have a friend unless I can call them one of my best friends. You'll never hear me say, 'This is my friend.' I'll be like, 'This is one of my best friends.' I want somebody to be really close and cool. I like going on vacations with my friends and having them come over and bake cookies or watch TV."
Despite being a cover girl and having everyone want to be her best friend, I love how she's still looking out for real connections rather than just having 'friendships' for show. I'm sure so many party girls would kill to be BFFs with her, but instead she chooses to stick to her real life friends. This is always nice to hear.

on show business
"[It's] fierce and discouraging. But I think you can grow out of that, especially if you realize the only way you find success is: Figure out what works for you and what doesn't."

on Blair Waldorf
"I know she's the bitchy one. But she's a good girl. The funny thing is she's not like a normal character on one of these types of shows. Usually the bad girl is the bitch. It's interesting and she's actually a real girl. Of course she does and says the most outrageous things that you would never even think to do in real life."

on all those headbands
"I love them! I love all of it! Whenever I'm getting ready to go on set and I'm in the full outfit, that's when I feel like I'm truly the character. I love the school uniform, and of course headbands are always in style when it comes to the show."

on what she likes to do besides acting
"Writing poetry is one of my favorite things to do and I always find time for it. There are things that I write about most that are just kind of like everyday thoughts that I have, things that come into my mind."

on the so-called fame
""I don't want most of what comes along with all of this. I'm doing everything I can to keep things separate. I feel like my friends are in a cult because we're like, 'No outsiders!' I've never been crazy. I'm a very good girl, to be honest. I don't do anything to hurt anybody. Honestly, all I ever do is work."

Ed Westwick On Leighton
"She can handle these big, gigantic sandwiches, and she's got the most tiny, little gorgeous figure... The first thing I thought when I met Leighton was, 'F*cking hell, this girl's gorgeous.' And she was incredibly sweet. Now we tell each other to f*ck off whenever we want to... We've been fake shagging for a year and a half now."
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