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The Time Traveler's Wife

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I couldn't believe my luck with scoring 'premiere night' tickets for The Time Traveler's Wife from my friend Hannah yesterday afternoon, so despite my usual laziness, I actually got up and drove all the way to Makati so I could meet up with jamypye to watch the film I've been so excited for after reading the book, thanks to the crazy ass emotional trailer.

Adding more fun to yesterday's movie was seeing outof_focus and her friend chasingorange in line for the movie! Thanks again for saving us seats! There were a lot of people and I was standing in line for quite a bit, but it was worth it.

When the lights dimmed, I got ready with my handkerchief, thinking I would be in tears. And so I was surprised I didn't cry! To think, I was so ready to bawl! Either way, the movie was definitely surprising in a good way and I really can't wait to watch it again.

Let the Critics do their Critique

"It's hard being left behind. It's hard to be the one who stays. " Photo courtesy of All Movie Photos
  • James Berardinelli of ReelViews said:
    The book is richer, but this is a solid, endearing telling of the same essential story, and is well worth the price of admission for those who appreciate romantic fantasy.
    I'm not sure if I should have read the book first or not read the book first because the entire movie I was thinking, 'if I didn't read the book, would I have understood it?' And I guess I won't know the answer to that, but really was glad I did read the book because the movie felt like a nice visual accompaniment to the book instead of just a stand alone.

    There was an article on Cinematical posing the question of whether reviews of movie adaptations should keep the book in mind while reviewing the movie or not, and though I won't delve into this, I can't help but compare/go back to the book when it comes to the movie. I don't know if that's a good thing or not.

  • Connie Ogle of the Miami Herald said:
    The movie is slightly more sappy, and the characters are necessarily less fleshed out than they are in Audrey Niffenegger's dazzling novel, but neither shortcoming detracts from the film's appeal.
    With this book especially, where the scope is literally years and years and the characters are so richly described and expounded on and their histories are well detailed, I was really concerned how they'd adapt that to the movie and despite the trimming down of the plot lines included and obviously the less-fleshed out characters, it wasn't all bust.

    Sure, I would have liked to see more of Clare and Henry's family and Mrs. Kim and Clare's friends and Henry's library work buddies and so many more and even of course there were scenes I would have wanted to see, like taping up Clare's ex to a tree, and Henry getting stuck in the library, bu that would have been too much and I thought the writer did a pretty good job of summing it up.

  • Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times said:
    The warmth of the actors makes it surprisingly tender, considering the premise that is blatantly absurd. If you allow yourself to think for one moment of the paradoxes, contradictions and logical difficulties involved, you will be lost. The movie supports no objective thought.
    But really, for all the condensing and focusing on Henry and Clare, I would have think say that Bana and McAdams really embody Henry and Clare for me. If anything, they really carried this film despite the minor changes to plot and all that. I really felt their chemistry and longing for one another despite the watered down version of their epic love.

    My non-critique, cause I'm easy to please

    "I hate to be where she is not, when she is not. And yet, I am always going."Photo courtesy of All Movie Photos
  • And still, in spite of my loving it, I did notice some 'flaws' -- like the fact that I wasn't reduced to a blubbering mess. Maybe it was the lack of a great score and editing. I know scores are difficult to make but the damn trailer got me crying every time and it was just a minute and a half of Lifehouse's "Broken." The music wasn't very moving and in key scenes where I'm sure a little heart-wrenching tune would help my tear ducts open, there wasn't any. Also, I'm not a fan of Broken Social Scene and I'm sure they're a great band but why did they choose that song for the wedding?!? REALLY?!

  • The editing I have to admit is a huge feat. The book is very disjointed as it is and segmented in the style it was written, so it would have been hard to make a fluid script and thus editing it to make it feel more seamless. So at times the movie felt very jumpy and choppy but I'll forgive it just because the book wasn't so fluid either but somehow it felt more okay in the book.

  • And yes, they didn't include a lot of the plot but the things they did include and compressed together and I think they even sort of tweaked some scenes to move the story along were pretty effective. *SPOILER* I like the interaction between grown up Henry and his mom from the past. That one really tugged at my heart. Also, the ending instead of having Henry visit Clare one last time when she's old, I like how they made it hopeful and show that he visited her and they were reunited even for a while. That was where I was almost about to cry.

  • ETA: Oh and I would so TRADE all the butt exposures this movie had (there were quite a few) for just ONE sex scene!!! I'm not expecting porn, just more than the 'fade to black/fade to the past/fade to the future' bullshit we got! I mean come on! I read the book and was pleased with the amount of loving they gave and the movie has NADA!!! Please say deleted scenes! I wish.

  • Eric and Rachel really do their jobs fantastically and their relationship was really portrayed as true as it could be. Sure, I wish their epic pining and being meant for each other could have been shown a bit more, but you can only show so many scenes of them waiting for one another. Maybe the next time I watch it, I'll be more inclined to crying. I'll go read the book again, cause I'm definitely watching this one at least one more time.

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