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Kristen (& Taylor) on American Idol 25? Yes Please!

[Entertainment Weekly]
Two days ago, fandom exploded, just saying. Anyway, I shouldn't even be awake, as I have an interview in 8 hours but I saw this video of Kristen (and the adorable Taycob) about auditioning for American Idol, which screams: POST ME PATTY!!! So I did. EW, YOU WIN. However, since I can't figure out how to embed the video, I've transcribed it. I blame Kstew for being too cute. Or you could watch here. [PopWatch]

Wait, aren't they a trio?[Entertainment Weekly]

Kristen: What am I looking forward to?
Taylor: American Idol. I'm kind of addicted.
Kristen: I'm not.
EW: Didn't it just end?
Taylor: Yeah, but there's always another season
Kristen: I'm gonna go on American Idol with Taylor. That's a must for me.
EW: What song would you perform?
Kristen: Dancing Queen!
Taylor: Oh no no no no, our song!
EW: What song?
Kristen: Oh yeah, "Love Story" by Taylor Swift totaly
Taylor: So we're gonna go audition for season 25 of American idol and sing...
Kristen: [attempts to sing] We were both young...
Taylor: Okay let's not do that. We have to save that for the show.
Kristen: Yeah

Someone's Missing

While I'm at it, I might as well post the accompanying photos that came with this video and the other quite adorable videos. Yeah, I wish Rob were in it, but Summit's really pushing for this Jacob thing complete with the Meet Jacob Black trailer and all, so I'm gonna be thankful for what I have, which is a really beautiful Kristen Stewart.

I'm hoping some of the other publicity for this movie will include Rob though. But for now, I have to say I'm thoroughly entertained by the interviews EW did with Kristen and Taylor. Here's more behind the scenes footage from the photo shoot: Taylor Flipping Out, Kstew and Taycob 'wrestling' and Kristen saying, "I'm so not Bella." I cannot wait for more press for this movie.
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