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Prince Harry Sure Loves His Polo

Heart In Hand[Popsugar UK]
I've been putting off making my 'review' for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra just because I can't think of what to say. And so while fixing my bookmarks (cause I'm anal like this), I realized I had miscategorized my Prince Harry folder and saw that I had missed quite a LOT.

And though he isn't the heir to the throne, (at least he's still got a full head of hair), the British media happen to catch Harry (and William) every time they mount their horses to play polo, which they do quite a lot. So even I only get to see Harry with a horse and polo stick, at least I get to see him sans Chelsey.

Why Does Blue Look So Good On Him Too?

The last time I talked about Harry was in January (insert *gasp* here) when he and Chelsey finally called it quits and so looking up in archives, I saw this his 'earliest' documented polo playing was in May. Not bad, I didn't miss too much -- as he was in RAF Training and all that goodie work they have to do. While Harry looked really good on the horse, William and Kate looked particularly cute in the sidelines. I'm so in favor of this girl and her queen future.

Another Reason I Should Have been in New York

Harry went to New York some time in June but I was too caught up in the crazy New Moon trailer that I totally let it slip! And what did Harry do in New York (other than the charity/good stuff)? Polo of course! He looked really really really good in his white polo shirt and those boots.

"Prince Seeiso and I both lost our mothers when we were young. We set up Sentebale in their memory. Sentebale is the Lesotho word for the flower forget-me-not. This beautiful kingdom has been ravaged by HIV/AIDS and poverty, leaving thousands of children without parents to look after them. We hoped to create a charity that would transform children's lives, giving them a sense of hope and security. We really do believe that Sentebale is doing this."

But really, he was there for his charity Sentebale. It's so nice to see him take after his mom and all. I know royals are supposed to have charities and do good stuff but he could be all party and play and no work at all. So it just makes me like him more.

Oh Look! More Polo! No Really, More Polo

But really, he looks so adorable when in red (that matches his hair). I love the shot of his backside (not just the ass folks) just cause he looks real comfortable on the polo field -- looking all commanding and yet totally comfortable at the same time. It is now a goal to watch him play polo once, preferably with Kate Middleton. If you know what I mean.

Sitting Down Here But Hey You Can't See Me

Even when he's not playing polo, he's looking good along the sidelines. Though I'm not too fond of his eye wear, I'll forgive him. When he looks that good, I can let go of the little things. I hope I don't have to play catch up with him anymore. My bookmarks are so getting fixed.

Wills and Harry Are Rock N Roll Princes [PopSugar UK]
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