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Mad Men 03x01: Out of Town

[We All Go A Little Mad]
Ever since I finished marathoning the first 2 seasons with _lexizzle in January, I got really excited to see the return of my favorite men from Sterling Cooper. Finally, the day has come. I don't know how I'm going to manage to recap all my shows this year, but one thing's for sure, I'm going to be following Mad Men even if it kills me. I didn't have cocktails with me, but I did have some orange juice. Sally Draper would not approve.

Don Needs To Put His Dick in a Box and Keep It There
I think Don should take it from his mother and cut his dick off and all because it's going to get him into so much trouble. Sweet how he's making Betty milk and smooth-talking her to sleep. It amuses me how Betty finds that Don is so good at this making her imagine business. If she only knew how many women he's done that to. But really, for a split second there, we get Don cuddling Betty in bed and their baby. Oh how I wish things were always this happy in the Draper residence.

But really, cheating on her so soon?!? I know he wouldn't be Don if he didn't dip his dick into some other woman but season premiere?!? Complete with "it's my birthday" lines. Really? Oh yes. Really.

Don: It's my birthday.
Shelly: Really is it?
Don: It really is.
Shelly: Let me see your driver's license.
Don: That's not gonna help.
Shelly: Ooooh, Happy Birthday.

Meanwhile, Sal Needs to Get His Dick OUT of the Box
I have never been so happy for Sal. Ever since last season when he was sort of getting hit on by the client, I just wanted him to come out. But then we saw how he was so keeping up appearances to Ken with his wife and all and it just made me sad. And so seeing him get it on with the bell boy was fantastic. And the shot, how they revealed it with the focus on the money and their feet and then bam!

Cockblocking thanks to the fire alarm. The look on Don's face is priceless though. But look at Don take one for the team. Sal looked terrified about Don confronting him but instead Don becomes the nice guy. I swear I wish Don were just nice to Betty and mean to everyone else, but no he's nice to everyone else and mean to Betty.

Let the Cosgrove vs. Campbell Pissing Contest Commence!
I genuinely feel bad for Pete Campbell just because he was so sure of his sole promotion that he didn't bother to wait till the actual announcement. Little Pete is so frustrated with life so early on in the season. I sense angst from him the entire way. And why no interaction with Peggy? We did get some supportive Trudy and you can't help but feel sorry for her. His heart belongs to Peggy!!!

Ken Cosgrove being so chill about it is kinda making me think he'll get the full position. Why do I feel like Pete will cave under the pressure? I hope not, but I feel more drama for him. Ken meanwhile, seems to be taking it all very very well.

Trudy: I love the sound of your voice right now
Pete: That's because I'm already drunk
Trudy: Good for you!

This is an Excuse to Show Red Hot Joan Looks (As Always)
I really have nothing to say other than my goodness, Joan looks fucking impeccable all the freaking time. I just want to be her and look like her and just wow. And her fear is so legitimate. If you're as hot as Joan, you should be afraid.
Peggy: Do you ever get nervous wearing that on the subway?
Joan: I don't ride the subway. I am afraid of being followed though.
But also, the reason for these caps is Vincent Nigel-Murray Ryan Carthwright from Bones as Sterling-Cooper's financial director, Mr. Price's 'right hand man'!!!! Does this mean he won't be in Bones anymore?! Cause that would suck. But he's on Mad Men!!! And he's Brit and so very proper!!!! I hope this role is permanent because John Hooker + Joan Holloway is LOVE LOVE LOVE. Their banter is amazing. I need more of them already.

Just Because Don/Roger are really my OTP
And this time, I really have nothing to say other than I need more of these two. They're assholes to their wives, but together, they win at life. God I need more of these two together. Stolichnaya and Greek cigars in the afternoon? Only at Sterling Cooper. I am so psyched for this coming season.

And for the Don Draper charms his way into my panties moment of the week. I've chosen the scene where Don comes home to his family and transforms into the family guy we all know he isn't. Good job, Don. Keep deluding your daughter!

Sally: I just dont want you to go
Don: I will always come home. You'll always be my girl

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