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When you're in pieces, follow the echo of my voice

[Fine -- 32 Down/20 to Go]
[+] I don't know how my mom did it but she stayed with my grandma this ENTIRE week in the hospital. I hope that my mom or dad never has to be confined, but if they do, I hope I can be as caring and patient enough to take care of them.
[+] And I've had too much fruit cause my grandma can't eat fruit and she received a TON. I feel so healthy. And a reminder just in case you missed it. Hope you have a great week ahead!

Welcome to another record-breaking boring week

[-] mellowdee is my hero. She knows how turn a frown upside down! Unfortunately, the drama at midnight was only a prequel of more dramaz. We had to check my grandma into the hospital. She's been sick and might have pneumonia. Funny how my trivial drama this morning is way overshadowed by real life events.
[+] Despite sleeping late (thanks to fic -- what's new?) I headed over to another job-exam thing and this time around you think I'd be more prepared? Well not quite. I still didn't understand the damn tables and I'll be surprised if they call me back. But hey, it's still a job and I'll go give it my best effort. *Tries to attract positive vibes*
[-] Today is possibly the slowest day ever, not just in terms of not doing anything but the fact that I had the SLOWEST INTERNET EVER. I couldn't even load freaking pictures! I swear I felt like I was back in the dial-up days. Please PLDT, please don't screw up now. I need you more than ever. Still, I should be glad i have internet. And I am.
[+] had to go to another job exam it was so long! i have to go back next week for interview. why am i not feeling the jobs? should i wait and hold out?! My bad mood was erased by the lovely mellowdee sending me goodies!!! I was so surprised and super duper touched. Then dad watched GI Joe with us. Joseph Gordon Levitt saves the day! Needs more JGL.
[+] My mom's been with my grandma in the hospital all week so I did some errands for her and I never realized how tiring those can be. My mom does these 'little things' every day of the week and I do it once and I fall asleep when I get to the hospital. Being a mom is no joke and my no-babies-out-of-my-vagina plan is stronger than ever.
[-] With my sister out with her friends and my brother playing at a girl's debut, it was just me and my two youngest siblings at home. It feels weird not having my mom around and my dad on duty. I'm okay with being alone but this week felt oddly lonelier than usual. I just want my mom to come already and my grandma to get out of the hospital.
[+] I got to sleep in cause I already went to mass the night before. Then I find out that my grandma just got discharged from the hospital and my dad's college basketball team won against their rival again. Definitely a great way to end the week. If only my next week were more like my Sunday. I wish Sundays were how weekdays always are. Yeah right.

and if you're hurting, i will replace that noise
with silence instead, flushing out your head

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