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Rachel Gets Herself Into Trouble

Finally Showing[Rachel McAdams Italia]
In what is possibly one of the most anticipated films for me of recent time, The Time Traveler's Wife finally premiered in the US and thus means I have a mere five days wait till I actually see the film.

So while I was scouring for anything Rachel-related, I saw her interview on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, wherein Rachel is so giddy, she sort of kinda gives away 'key plot points' to viewers who are in no way aware of the plot of the book. Jon Stewart is trying to stop her already from saying anything else. This is when she realizes she's said a bit too much.

Keep your eyes on her face at the New York Premiere!

I would never be able to pull off anything cut this low, but Rachel rocks her white Emilio Pucci Resort 2010 ruched dress with a very deep plunge. Just look how she glows at the premiere! She and Eric look so cute together posing in the red carpet -- which also had Brad Pitt (in white!) cause he's a producer apparently.

Before She Spoils it All at the Daily Show

Then for her Daily show appearance, Rachel looked stunning in her ruffled, purple 3.1 Philip Lim where she giggled her interview away with Jon Stewart. I love how giddy she was and just how unaware she was of how much she was saying already. I love how she just gives up and says: "I'm in so much trouble." Oh Rachel, you couldn't be! Just five more days for me!

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