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Jen and Anne Make Me More Eager For February

Girl Crushes Unite![AHFan, JG.Net]
As if the week of my birthday wasn't ENOUGH to make me happy, I hopefully also get Remember Me released a day after my birthday and now I find out that BOTH Anne Hathaway AND Jennifer Garner are in the upcoming Garry Marshall directed movie, Valentines Day that also comes out on the week of my birthday. Lucky much?

I'm afraid that all is this luck is going to run out and my actual birthday turns out sucky because not only is it a rom-com about ten different love stories on Valentines day, it's got Anne AND Jen (and some Patrick Dempsey to sweeten the pot).

So Is she A School Teacher or A Sexy Waitress?

I'm kind of confused as to what role Jen actually plays but I know she was spotted in the same set as Patrick Dempsey so I'm hoping they're in the same story together. This can only make things better. And how smoking is she in that black dress and yet so demure and sweet in the red polka dots. All kinds of cute!

All Anne Got is a Moped

And how adorable is Anne on that scooter?!? At least I know that she'll be somehow linked to Topher Grace who I find all sorts of cute so another win for me in my book. And she looks so stunning in the blue dress too. Looks like Garry Marshall can't get enough of his Princess Diaries protege.

Sure, I'm not quite sure what their roles are in the film and I somehow doubt they're going to be in the same 'story line' but it's like a Valentines version of Love Actually in Los Angeles. Okay, bad analogy, I know. But it's Garry Marshall! It can't be that bad!!! And add the Taylors (both Lautner and Swift) in the mix. You've got 10 chances at striking gold -- or failing. So let's try to stay positive here. I am now triply excited to turn 23.

Anne Hatahway: Scooter Sexy [Celebrity Gossip]
Jennifer Garner is Polka Dot Pretty [Just Jared]
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