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Remember This?

While Kristen was off being Joan Jett in LA, Rob Pattinson was mobbed by fangirls all over Manhattan in the most well-documented movie shoot. Though I know the script's flying around, I haven't read it for fear of nothing surprising me due to seeing the massive amounts of behind the scenes photos. The photos make me happy but also make me wish seeing the actual movie still has surprises in store. Rob's character, Tyler Roth brought out the clean-boy-next-door vibe who got roughed up with Emilie De Ravin or Ally's cuteness. Rob + New York City. How can this go wrong? It can't.

The Attack of the Plaid

I remember when I first saw the photos, I was pretty damn excited. Rob wasn't pale! And he's in the sunlight! With a cigarette! And coffee! Such mundane things that somehow seem so wonderful. This can only mean good things right? But then the fangirls descended and he got attacked and then I wish he could really be Edward Cullen-esque and just snap their heads off.

Through the Looking Glass

The paparazzi was insatiable and unrelenting. Shooting inside? It doesn't matter, there's a window and so we see this really cute exchange (Rob's half at least) with Emilie and I love how he's so animated around her.

Old Blue Eyes

I realized how pretty Rob looks in blue. He had a lot of blue-ish clothes on this set and I was just. Wow, boy looks wonderful in that color. Must have more blue items in his wardrobe. And the baseball hat is a revelation! Though the beanie was missing in action, new headgear is always welcome. Way to show New York love with the cap.

The Magical Mystery Trailer

It's his safe place, his inner sanctum and definitely something I would have wanted to see firsthand. But somehow Rob stepping out of the trailer as Tyler still has the ability to make me breathless. He looks like he's too big for his trailer, always stopping coming out.

Don't Mind Me Strolling Looking Handsome

I was so jealous of all the people who lived in New York while they were shooting just because they were so close. And yet I'm kind glad I wasn't there. cause then I would do nothing but feel bad that I couldn't watch the set all day. Okay so I'm still jealous but how could I not be with Rob looking this good in the same city!?

You're Under Arrest For Being Too Hot

Nothing screams hot like Tyler being apprehended by the cops. I'm not into slash fiction at all but seeing Tyler bent over that cop car has me scrambling to read some. It's sick of me, really. But handcuffs have never looked so good.

Come Rough Him Up

Somehow, it was hard to tell whether it was Rob or Tyler making an appearance. The hoodie was so Rob. And then he wore it on set and I got more confused. He can make hoodlum attire look oh so sexy. And who knew he could make hanging on fences look good too.

(No Sex) On the Beach

And then we see these photos and ovaries everywhere explode. Rob's in shorts. In a beach. With Emilie. Looking Cute. Drinking a soda. With his shades. Fixing his hair. Obviously thoughts could not be mustered up to more than phrases. It was that good.

Panda Bear! Panda Bear!

I've never really been a fan of amusement parks, but after Adventureland and then Tyler and Ally and that freaking Panda of cuteness, I want to go to one and win myself (cause who is going to win one for me? nada!) a Panda. Then of course, the *kiss* Goodness. I melted. And it's not even moving yet. Tyler leaning on the cab, Ally in red (she likes red a lot!). I died.

Heating Up Under all that Foliage

Tyler + Little Sister + Park is quite possibly the most precious thing EVER. Then you add Rob's tiny t-shirt and the cuteness of Emilie while they chill with their sodas on a park bench and it all seems kinda normal -- except that there's a movie crew and so many fans. But Rob and hist trusty soda in the park is just all kinds of wonderful.

No, Jacob did NOT repair these bikes

I'm not even sure if Rob can actually bike, but apparently Tyler does and so I'm hoping to see some bike-action in this movie. Who knew leaning on a bike in a park could be made into something very very cute? I didn't know it was possible. Rob made it possible.

Tyler + Inanimate Object = OTP

Be it a guitar, a cellphone, or a freaking pink sleeping bag, Tyler's carried it and made it look all kinds of hot/cute. Does this mean we see Tyler playing guitar? And how gorgeous is that smile on the phone? Don't you wish you were on the other end. But really, the sleeping bag takes the cake. Only a man's man could pull of a pink sleeping bag and still impregnate women standing ten feet away.

On Your Stoop

Somehow, I woudln't mind if I found him on my stoop one morning. In fact, if I did, I don't think he'd be on the stoop for long, cause then it would just be a few steps up into my house. But Tyler + Ally looking all emo on the steps breaks my heart. Something tells me this is a serious thing.

Calling GQ! Your cover boy just walked by

Sure we get roughed up Tyler, but we get clean-shaven, suit wearing Tyler too and I'm getting even more excited to watch this thing. Add Daddy Pierce Brosnan in a suit looking fantastic and Spy!Mommy Irina Derevko Lena Olin and things can't go wrong. But really. Rob + suit + brick wall = oh yeah
And obviously I've spent waaaaay too much time on this, but call it the last remnants of unemployment (not that I'm anywhere nearer employment), because after spending days literally combing through photos and uploading at an ungodly slow speed, I'm really just excited to see the actual damn movie. I hope it looks as good as it did on photos. Because really, if I string all the photos together and make a slideshow, it'd probably be longer than the actual movie. I hope it's a good one.

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