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12 of 12: August 2009

[+] Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
[+] Post the pictures chronological order
[+] Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
[+] Have fun camwhoring!
[+] Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

In what is possibly definitely the most BORING 12 of 12 ever, I present to you the very very very mundane day of my life. It's funny cause I was out yesterday and I will be out tomorrow but no the 12th fell on a boring day. I hope you don't die of boredom.

My Bedroom01:40 AM
I decide to 'sleep early' this morning after realizing I could take advantage of the fact that I had no exams or job interviews to get to today. And so before I shut down, lovekissed shows me the hottest photo of Ed and Leighton ever. Damn.

Dining Room12:19 PM
I apparently pass out and don't wake up till lunch time. Wow. I didn't know I was that tired. I end up having lunch on time, sinigang na baboy. I love sinigang and I remember wanting to 'buy' this at the school cafeteria when I was in graeeschool.

My Bedroom01:27 PM
I realize that I have quite the number of books in my to-read section. I didn't bother digging up the other books I bought but I should get back to reading. I blame fic really. But I figured I won't get to read fic in an office, whereas I could read my books going to work. I'm sure

My Bedroom01:44 PM
Of course the requisite HSM 3 calendar shot. I'm actually thinking of what calendar I'm going to get for next year. since i keep taking photos of it, I might as well get a pretty one. Not that I don't like this one, jamypye! I'm thinking New Moon? No. Really.

Pamy's Bedroom01:45 PM
My little sister and I love to make signs and notes for each other and this is the note she made for Pamy. Paola uses the computer in Pamy's room (cause I'm a laptop hog) and she was getting tired of the mess, so she left Pamy a handy note. It didn't work.

Dining Room01:46 PM
This box of Dove chocolates was given to my grandma who then gave it to us. I was supposed to have a share when they divided it, but I figured if I could cut down on one box, it wouldn't kill me. Well I'm wrong. It's killing me. I want a share. I hope they let me have some.

Terrace01:47 PM
And the stack of newspapers I don't read. Which actually makes me feel bad. Not that I don't read news on the internet, but a lot of my college friends actually work for the newspaper now and I should be reading it. Alas, my brain just doesn't function with newsprint.

Family Room01:48 PM
This is right above our television in the family room. It's not arranged by birth order obviously and not by prettiness, otherwise I'd be first. Just kidding. But if you can spot me, kudos to you. Then again, as I told graveyardghosts I haven't changed really. Just gained weight.

Kitchen01:49 PM
And our 'liquor' section. This is old. I mean really old. I don't think anyone's touched it since Pamy had her college friends over. It's sad really. I caught _lexizzle having a nip of something while watching The Wire, I think I shall follow for Mad Men.

Family Room05:45 PM
What is possibly my most favorite meal of the day, Ate Let bought us bituka for snacks from the stall in front of our house. I'm annoyed by the fact that there's a stall right outside our house, but when I get some of this, I can't help but be thankful.

Dining Room08:28 PM
For dinner, Ate Let asked if we wanted Sisig or pasta. Pasta won. I really love red-sauced pasta. Though I love me some cream based ones too, nothing beats tomato sauce. I know it's weird but I have yet to learn to like pesto. I know, shoot me.

Dining Room008:29 PM
And because reading fic is so much easier on my dad's little notebook, I switch over when I'm reading fic in bed. It's so easy to cradle and so easy on the eyes. I don't have to switch to 1/2 viewing when I'm on it. I just caught up with What Happens Tomorrow/ So depressing.
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