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Out of all the Princes, he's "it"

I'm not one to believe in the Friday the 13th crap, but today, I felt like crap. To think all I did last night was sleep. When I woke up today, I felt like sh**. Seriously. My entire body was aching like hell! I moved one bit and my muscles would just knot. Wearing Type C wasn't helping much either. In that uniform, my movements are restricted.

I tried going to the clinic, but then I remembered we were supposed to have a Trig quiz, and I couldn't miss the Lab report. I don't exactly want to miss any quizzes. And of course, I wasn't done with my Music practicals. Today, just wasn't the day to sleep in the clinic. I drank a paracetamol and prayed my pain would end.

But it didn't. I was seriously going to bawl my ass off already during CL. Everything she said was just pissing me off for no reason at all. I just wanted to go home. The more I thought about how long I was still going to be in school made me feel even worse about the day. I was crying and kicking and all that ugly stuff! It didn't help that she gave us a quiz on the freaking Nicene Creed. At that point, I just wanted to scream!

Lab was just pointless. I'm not very fond of leaning over the railings of the third floor Segovia building. Apparently, I felt like puking half the time. Maybe I am afraid of heights just like my dad. Every little thing my teacher would do would just piss me off. I just wanted to tell her to back off. I was having the most horrific day ever!

Thank goodness, CSDC and SabPag practice was bearable. If it were any more horrible than my day had been, I don't know how I'd be able to get home alive. I want to thank Julie for the rides home. You are a total life saver and an even better friend. Thanks for taking up a lost cause like myself. But the best part of my day was watching Prince and Me.

Finally, I see the movie. Honestly, it was very unrealistic, even by my standards -- and that's saying a lot because I can believe just about anything. However, due to Luke Mably's hotness, the movie was worth watching. He is a too freaking good on the eyes! Sure, he's lean and a bit on the lanky side, but he is the hottest lanky dude ever! Everyone knows about my delusions of becoming a princess, right? Well, watching this movie just reaffirmed my ambition. Unlike, Paige -- Julia Stiles' character in the film -- I would give all my ambitions up. Have you seen how cute he is without his top?

This will definitely sound stupid, but I don't care. This is what I've wanted to be and I don't think anyone can tell me otherwise. This definitely was the high point of the day. Not that I'm waiting, but when will my prince ever come?
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