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Where Do You Keep 11 Surfboards?

Hands off the Hair![kittyglam, ljmd]
I guess that's the question the Twilight folk will be asking themselves if and when they do receive those ELEVEN surfboards they swept at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards. Yesterday, I squeeed over the Gossip and Glee (and some Disney) kids, so today is all about the Twilight cast, whom I've grown to love so much.

Though I wish they'd gone up the stage 11 TIMES (imagine how HUGE this picspam would be), I guess there's only so many ways Rob could be self-deprecating while running his hands through his hair. I wish Kristen had spoken! That could have led to a repeat of the Popcorn-dropping at the MTV Movie Awards, I feel a surfboard falling would do a lot of damage.

I don't plan on watching the entire show. I'm fine with the Twilight-bits. I don't think I could take Miley pole-dancing.

Dazzling Me on the Fake Grass Red Carpet

I love how the Twilight girls brought it to the red carpet. My favorite fashion blogger, Catherine Kallon at Red Carpet Fashion Awards included all three girls in the Best Dressed at the event! Go them. Ashley Greene looked so freaking cute in her Dolce & Gabbana light blue bustier top and floral print skirt. Who knew right? While Nikki Reed wore a modified Miu Miu Fall dress. I know it's been a while since Taylor Lautner grew up, but it still surprises me everytime I see him. So huge.

Now This is a Bromance I'm Loving

They just make me want to squeeze the three of them! How adorable are these boys together?!? And thank goodness Jackson Rathbone is with them!!! I love how Rob walked with Kellan Lutz and Jackson. Now this is one hot trio. Try out-hot-ing them? I tell you, you can't. And look at the way they look at each other?! I'm sure somewhere, someone is writing a ménage à trois slash fic already.

Rob Compulsively Grabs on his Hair

He can wear a potato sack and look delectable. He's in jeans, a plaid shirt that looks like it's been in the bottom of his suitcase, a blazer and sneakers. It doesn't get any more dressed down that that. I'm surprised he even put the jacket on. Way to go for effort. But really, it's that damn hair and that jaw and that smirk and that face. Okay, I can keep on going, obviously.

Kristen Rocks the Republic

I thought her MTV Movie Awards get up was a pretty hard thing to beat, so I'm so freaking ecstatic that she upped the oomph and dressed up in this totally edgy Rock & Republic Fall 2009 plunging v-neck dress with a spiked skirt and Jerome C. Rousseau booties. I associate tank tops with her just because so it still felt like Kristen.

And her hair!!! I'm so so so so so happy she fixed it. She looks so fresh and clean with her hair tied up like that. These past few times I've seen her, it's been Joan-ified and so this is such a welcome change. I can't wait to see how it grows out. But really, A-freaking-plus.

Sweeping 'Em Up Them Awards

How freaking happy am I that Ashley and Taylor won? Very very. They're such adorable kids and seeing them so comfortable on stage and just taking it all in. I hope they do something good outside Twilight just so I can see more. And dude, eleven freaking surfboards for the cast!!! That's crazy!

I wish they were all given some time to talk, alas Kristen didn't speak. But I think she preferred it that way. She looked happy enough laughing at Rob and whomever was speaking in the sidelines. This cast really has great rapport. I was totally missing Rachelle Lefevre too.

Time to Gawk at the Choice Hottie

Obviously Rob was going to win this award and seeing him with Megan Fox was different to say the least. She kept her speech short and threw the fangirls a bone by letting him speak. I gotta say, great choice voters.

Oh and last row of the photos, middle. Lookie! It's Chuck Bass and Edward Cullen Ed Westwick and Rob! Damn these dirty Brits really know how to turn up the heat. Who knew they'd be such great exports?! This photo is ON FIRE.

Behind the Red Curtains & Off Camera

These backstage photos are just really adorable. And though Kristen is always sidling up to Taylor, I'm not going to complain. I really feel like they were briefed that Taylor is front and center at everything and I guess it's a publicity thing. I'm not going to rant or anything. Cause the cast is all kinds of pretty. And look! Jackson and Ashley are next to each other, so I won't complain.

And though I wish it were Chris Weitz-love-of-my-life standing there with them, I have to say Hardwicke has a pretty gown. Woman has a pretty good body. There, see! I could say something nice! I'm not evil to her. I just love CWeitz so much more.

Whatever happened to those Seating Arrangements?

And finally the seating arrangement that never was. I really do wish that Kristen and Rob had at least ONE photo together. Just one? I guess not. Rob backstage looks adorable, I swear. And those photos of him on the couch?! HELLO GQMF!!!! My ovaries just exploded.

Instead we get a lot of Nikki and Kristen (and Kellan!) Goodness Kellan Lutz keeps getting hotter and hotter. And he's so BIG. Not that I'm complaining. At all. I'm totally crushing on them boys. So for an awards show that I didn't watch, I guess I'm not going to complain much. I saw the cast look pretty and happy and that's enough for me.

And after this, Eclipse shooting back up in Vancouver? I so want to see behind the scenes photos already. God I'm so spoiled. Employment is going to screw with my fangirling. Boo.

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