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Teens Choice Awards Not Filling Me With Glee

[Just Jared]
Since it's still airing tomorrow, I figured I'd post about the actual event then. But you know I'll be too caught up in Twilight-land, I might as well talk about the OTHER folks that were also at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards mainly the Gossip Girl and Glee folks! I haven't watched this 'awards' show since I was an *N Sync fan. Yes, that long ago. Nothing like a teen awards show to make me feel my non-teen age. [Just Jared]

Don't Stop! Believing!!!!

Sure they may not have won an award (but come on, they've only had ONE show aired right?) I just have to say that with less than a month till the fall season, I can hardly contain my excitement for this show. The press they're getting is amazing considering it hasn't even really debuted (well all of it). So I'm hoping to see this cast next year! Maybe with awards in tow!

You Know You Love Them

My favorite people showed up and I'm happy! Though I didn't see Leighton Meester with Ed Westwick, it's okay, Manbangs Chace Crawford was there to prettify up the event! And that they did. Leighton looked amazing in her Louis Vuitton dress and her heels and she just looked freaking fantastic. I so wish I had half her style.

And though I said I wouldn't talk about Twilight, I can't help but include this little bit of info that poetrytoprose brought to my attention. Chace seemed to be getting along with Ashley Greene after the event or something like that. This won't be good news to Jackson/Ashley fans. Oh well. And what's up with Chace posing with Taylor? I have no complaints but it just felt very random. I'm sure there's some perfectly sound explanation, but just taking the photo at face value makes me wonder.

Enough Twilight, that's for tomorrow. In other Gossip Girl news though, WTF, I can't wait for season 3. Though their ads always seem to try to get a rise out of folks (like their OMFG) one, I have to say they've got a pretty good marketing team thinking up all these little meanings to 'standard' vocabulary amongst teens. Or so they think. But really, good stuff up ahead.

Zefron Makes the Rounds

I have nothing to say other than, oh you're so pretty Zac! It's lovely how Vanessa Hudgens seems to be unaffected by the newly-released-old-nude photos of her. Well I guess once you've seen it, you've seen it. And thus her 'resiliency' and all. But really, let's focus back on the prettiness of Mr. Efron. Good to see he dressed down this time. Look at him with all those ladies. Work it, boy!

I always wondered what these stars do with the actual surfboards. Somehow I can't see them keeping it. Anyway, tomorrow, when I actually see clips of the show, expect more. Well more Twilight at least.
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