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Hard to be soft, tough to be tender; Come take my pulse, the pace is on a runaway train

What shouldn’t I do? -- 31 Down/21 to Go[Sandy Lipio]
[-] Confused doesn't cut it. Though nothing is happening on the job front, you'd think I'd have a clearer idea what I want. Yet I'm still clueless.

[+] In non-real world news, I'm still immersing myself in fanfic, my favorite place on earth. Why can't I just be a fangirl for a living?! Also, excited is an understatement. 2010, Where are you?

[-] I went back to past entries and realized how silly I was. Not that I aren't still, but it's hilarious to read back and think, wow, I took things waaaaay too seriously.

[+] Tomorrow is chromaticity's birthday. I doubt you're even reading this, but I wish you all the best and the happiest birthday ever. We all miss YOU so very much

[+] Wishing everyone a fantastic week ahead of them! *Positive thoughts* Let's hope for a better next few days.
[+] Despite waking up really early to drive Paola to school (again), I get great news: Wide Awake final chapter is finally here. I know there's still an epilogue, but I'm still kinda putting off reading it, in hopes it won't end just yet. I can't believe it's almost over. AND we get The Twilight Saga: New Moon on Nov 20 too! Thank god we don't get delayed like last time. I don't think I could wait the extra few days anymore. [+] Finally got to watch Nothing But The Truth with my dad. He's been dying to see this (cause he was 'misled' by the poster into thinking it was about the president being shot even if I repeatedly told him it was about press freedom and keeping your sources confidential). Oh well. It wasn't bad. Very Comm 110. They should require them to watch that for ethics class. It's right up that alley.
[+] Because jamypye decided to use me as her sounding board right when I decided I wanted to sleep, I ended up sleeping later and thus waking up way late, and missing a lot of the Cory coverage on TV. Not that I was ever close to her (obviously) but seeing all the eulogies and speeches got me all choked up. The strong rains made me want to sleep all day. [+] Stayed up with Paola (who seemed to be in a good mood despite studying for exams) so I ended up waking up at at noon. The extremely heavy rains helped keep me in bed though. Then jamypye texts to tell me I have an exam for a job with her company. I don't know whether to be scared or excited. I don't want to fail it, but what happens if I pass it?

Friday // HUGE Day For Patty

MCO Night -- aka the noisiest night of my lifePhotos courtesy of Sandy Lipio

[+] Woke up extra early so I could make it to my 'first job interview/exam/presentation' at the company my sister works at. Let's just say, I never thought I'd be applying there but hey a job is a job. The exam wasn't so bad when I figured out how to do things. but I have NO IDEA if I answered 1/4 of that thing correctly. Then the 'presentation' of was just me at my babbling finest. I so got a flashback to my Pol Sci 14 debate wherein I just kept rambling and making no sense. I'd like to think my interview got me back in the director's graces but all in all, I didn't feel too good about it.i I could take another one of those in that field.

[+] I was so tired from my Makati-job-related morning that when I got home, I was seriously considering not attending my college org's homecoming night. But I sucked it up and went anyway cause it was sooooo near my house. And no regrets. I totally miss my org friends and it was so good to see them. I barely eat at those things (even if it was a buffet) cause I'm always catching up with friends. I felt like I was a sophomore all over again!!! Just because that was the first year I joined the org and it was the 'golden' age for me in the org at least. I miss them so.

[-] I know it's unnecessary to worry for siblings who are already in college but for some reason because they're still younger than me, I can't help but worry about decisions they make. I know this is vague but I just hope my brother veganpunk_ makes the right calls. He should be old enough. I just wish he'd talk to us more. I'm overprotective -- I can't help it. [+] The ADMU-DLSU game (where everyone was supposed to be in yellow) was so hard to watch despite not being from either school. It's a good thing my dad's team won. He would be crushed if he didn't win against their arch-rival. I also realized I have such a weak heart for exciting sporting events. Congratulations _lexizzle! Your team won.

Can Could you hear my heart beating like a hammer?
the question is, why was it beating that way?!
it shouldn't have been that awkward
for me at least

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