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She Loves Rock 'N Roll

I can't stress how excited I am for this movie. It's just going to be exciting to see Kristen Stewart in something so different from things she's already done. Then having Dakota Fanning in it with her just makes things all the more fantastic. I haven't really read the script, but I'm hoping they execute it well, cause apparently there are some more difficult/sensitives scenes. And for Kristen to cut her hair this short for a film, it must be pretty huge. 2010 cannot come any faster.

"It's one of the most
immense responsibilities
to play a real person.
Her story's important.
It's an incredibly triumphant
feminist story really.
She's the first woman
to ever start
her own record label."

"When her hair is cut
and with the right make-up,
Kristen should make
a really good me.
She sounded great
and played well
(on the guitar).
She has the passion for it,
which you can't
really be taught."

"So many people
know her as just being like
one of the coolest people
to ever live.
That in itself
is one of the most
intimidating things
I've ever had to confront
but she's so cool too."

"The film has brought back
probably a lot of
good memories
probably a few
bad ones, as well.
But in the context of life,
bad things happen a lot,
and you can't really have
good without the bad.
So it's kind of a moot point
to think about it that way."

"I'm just listening
to her music
all the time.
I'm trying to just
make myself aware
of the time period
and what she was going through."

"I could not be happier.
I'm absolutely thrilled
with her as a person
as an actor.
I've gotten to know her
a bit over this time,
and I can't speak
highly enough of her."

"It's a wig"
-- when asked how she liked her hair

"I would hope
that it reminds people,
whenever they come across
these songs, of a time
in their life when
they were either
enjoying life or
they were in a struggle
in life
that the music
sort of helped them through."

"It is weird when you
are nostalgic for a period
you have never lived.
The 90s? Alright, whatever.
The 70s? More was happening."

"It's been a really,
really good experience,
an interesting experience,
very surreal experience.
I think the actors
are doing a brilliant job."

"I'm with [Jett] constantly.
Thank God.
It's about having
her energy around
This was the most
important time in her life.
She says the most
ridiculous things to me
‘This was what it was like
to peak at 16.'
It's like, you really
think you peaked at 16?!"

"I always thought maybe
we'd be role models for girls
or that I myself could be
just a role model
to show
that you don't have to fit
into a predesigned box;
that when you were born
as a girl, that doesn't --
shouldn't -- limit you."

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