Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

He Draws On Cups!

Sodapop Sunday[Flickr]
I'm not very good at interpreting art. So when I see art in places I don't expect it, like say, COFFEE CUPS, I always sit up and pay attention. Cheeming Boey proves that you don't need a Sistine Chapel ceiling to make art. Just pull out a Sharpie and draw. jamypye made some before. We limited it to smiley faces.

Plus there's a time lapse video of him creating these cups!!! It's crazy how much detail he can put into a coffee cup. And you know where there's a time lapse video, I'm there. I know, I'm easy to please. But I'm sure his cups could wow you too.

More Cups

These are a few of my favorites just because they have the power lines. He does a bunch of other more complicated designs, but the simplicity of this really struck me. (That's as 'critique'-y as I'm going to get) All I really wanted to say was, 'so pretty!' I will never look at coffee cups in the same way again.

Coffee Cups [Flickr]
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