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That's Love[We All Go A Little Mad]
And we're down to 10 excruciatingly long days before the season 3 premiere of Mad Men and I seriously need to get there faster. A couple days ago, the cast had their season premiere party and it was nice to see all of them out of their Mad-Men-ified glory. Jon Hamm will be endearing to me no matter what.

I've been stocking up on Mad Men anything and reading a New York Magazine article on Christina Hendricks was such a treat. I will forever envy Christina Hendricks's body but she's more fabulous than just her curves.

Then there's that Vanity Fair piece on Don and Betty and the over-all amazing-ness that is this show. Now all I wish were that _lexizzle were here so we could try out these Mad Men approved cocktails while watching the season premiere.

Mr. Draper Brings Sexy Back

I swear, I don't know how I can string a sentence together when Jon Hamm comes out just because he's so ridiculously good looking. Nothing like a man's man to get me all flustered. And look! He's with January John and John Slattery (Roger Sterling) looking so goooood. I can't wait to see how their characters relationships evolve this season.

January Jones Looking Very Un-Betty

Could her eyes get any bluer?! Wearing a gorgeous Andrew GN silk navy blue Fall 2009 dress with a belt, I want to be her little sister, so she can pass on her clothes to me. But really, January's just looking very very pretty here. I love her tousled hair too!

Christina Hendricks is all curves

Meanwhile out of her office bombshell outfits, Christina Hendricks positively glamorous in this Catherine Malandrino black asymmetrical long sleeve Fall 2009 dress with bird embroidery detail on the bodice. Woman really knows how to dress for her body and she makes me wish I were as curvy as her!!! Look at those cheekbones! She just looks breathtaking.

Look! Peggy's Engaged To Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Fred Armisen will forever be Mahmoud to me thanks to Iran So Far, so when I first found out he was engaged to Elizabeth Moss, I didn't believe at first. But look at the way she looks at him -- that's the look of love y'all. How cute can they be in real life/!?

The Rest of the Sterling Cooper Gang

I had to pinch myself when I saw Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) without his hair all gelled up! Then there's Paul and Harry (Michael Gladis and Rich Sommer) somehow looking like their characters! And look it's Ken and my personal favorite Sal (Aaron Stanton and Byran Batt)!!! I need to see the Sterling Cooper men again.

But really nothing beats the adorable-ness of not-so-little, cocktail making, Sally Draper (Kiernan Shipka). How amazing is it that she and January actually sort of look alike! They're such an adorable mother-daughter duo. So pretty! I need my Mad Men now!!!

Betty! Don is Half Naked! Why are you A Seat Away?!

There's a UBER LONG, but totally interesting article that goes along with this photo shoot but I needed a moment to take get my jaw off the floor when I saw these photos thanks to barilace. I swear, how can these two gorgeous people not jump each other?! They'd make really really gorgeous babies!

And though the Don Draper half naked shots are a real treat, my favorite would have to be the red convertible shot. There's nothing hotter than a man that drives stick (or so I think that's a stick). It doesn't matter because Don Draper doing ANYTHING would be hot. OK? Okay. Ten days to go. I can do this.

Dangerous Curves [New York Magazine]
Don and Betty’s Paradise Lost [Vanity Fair]
Yup: The Mad Men Premiere Was Amazing [Jezebel]
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