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Meet Cute[ ]
I saw that the posters for The Time Traveler's Wife were in the 'coming soon' section at Trinoma. Could this be a sign that I might actually get to see the movie on opening day? Because after seeing some sneak peeks and behind the scenes footage of it yesterday, I don't know if I could wait any longer.

How adorable can Rachel McAdams get?! I was so happy to see her in Comic Con and now that she's doing press for The Time Traveler's Wife with always handsome, Eric Bana, I swear I wish I could have gone to a Barnes and Noble signing like meesters! Some girls have all the luck! So jealous!!!

Barnes and Noble Event

Yana was one of the lucky folks who got to go and meet and greet both Eric and Rachel at the Barnes and Noble event in New York and she was so giddy/nervous, it was cute that she even got her poster signed. I swear, I'm still jealous but also just really excited for this movie to come out.

My dad and I watched a movie this afternoon and when the trailer came out, it still gave me goosebumps all over. Here's one of the sneak peaks from the movie. I swear I was going nuts last night as I watched them. From the looks of it, I'm gonna be crying my eyes out. Must remember to bring tissue.

CLIP 2 | CLIP 3 | CLIP 4

Looking Adorable at Comic Con

And though Comic Con has come and gone, I couldn't not post these really adorable photos of Rachel with Robert Downey Jr. promoting Sherlock Holmes, just another movie I can't wait to watch.

I love her embellished top, though I don't think I could ever pull off something that low in the sides. And look, no side boob! Stay classy, Rachel! I ♥ you! Her heels look killer too. I would literally topple over and die if I wore them.

ETA: Cause They Look Too Good at the Press Conference

TOO TOO CUTEPhoto courtesy of Eric Bana Fan, Rachel McAdams Italia
I don't even have the words to say how adorable these two are. I swear Rachel looks soooooooooo beautiful in her dress and Eric looks quite delectable in his nice shirt. So despite me getting this movie 5 days later than the US, I'm not going to complain. At least I get to see it less than a week late. Excited doesn't cut it.

Video: 4 Clips From The Time Traveler's Wife [Cinema Blend via graspingontoyou]
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