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[Anxious. 30 Down/22 to Go]
[+] WHY IS IT AUGUST already?!? It was just January yesterday!
[+] The waiting game begins: I've given out my resumes. Now I wait and hope I get hired. Cross your fingers for me, please?
[+] There are no more guests to entertain and so it's back to the bed for me. My ass is permanently etched onto my bed. Bad.
[+] Maybe it's a good time to start working on my fitness. Right.
[+] Hope everyone has a fantastic week ahead of them!

[+] The SONA (state of the nation address) of the president was today and so my siblings did not have classes. The weather was not cooperating with protesters though (it was righ outside our village and I could hear it from the house) as it rained really hard. Good weather for the indoors, where I am. [+] walked around Makati with my oh so sweet mom for FOUR hours of rain-sunshine-rain. I spent roughly 20 minutes in an elevator. I'm not a fan of elevators. My legs are sore and I'm dizzy from all of the elevators. All those resumes in those various agencies, I hope someone hires me. [+] Was going to watch a movie with my dad but since my mom and aunt came along, we ended up watching The Proposal which made my day 1000x better. I love having visiting relatives when I don't have a job. I always get to come along to entertain. This will soon be nada when I do get employed.

Thursday // Happy Birthday caen_le_comte

Greek Feast (and more) at Cyma for Nikki's Birthday!Photos courtesy of Domino Cid

[+] Read the best fics EVER EVER. I know I say this A LOT but really. Art After 5 and it's partner Counterpoint are possibly my most favoritest portrayals of Bella and Edward and SO VERY different from anything I've read. I really do mean different and still in a totally realistic, same essence way. Plus, I'm a sucker for partner stories. I know they're just like having different chapters with different POVs, but I'm a sucker like that. I'm in love.

[+] Spent the afternoon out with my grandmother, mom and aunt -- as fulfillment of my 'trying to be a good family member' quota for the week. My grandma's kind of old so she moves really slow so it was actually good to moving at that pace with my still very sore leg. Going around the Landmark department store, though not something I'd choose to do, prevents me from buying crap I don't need -- all in vain of course, cause we went to another mall.

[+] But then we got to Shangri-La early and I went around Rustans and saw a really pretty Edward-Cullen-esque jacket. I wasn't going to buy it, so I took a photo of myself, for kicks thinking it was cute but then my mom saw me in it and said I could wear it to 'work' one day. It took me forever to debate buying it (it's not exactly cheap) but they managed to convince me it was a good investment. I just bought it cause it looked like Edward's jacket. I'm such a spaz.

[+] Then we had dinner for my cousin caen_le_comte's 24th birthday at Cyma in Shangri-la, where she was pleasantly surprised to find our server Justin, very cute. It was fun teasing her and just having fun. He was very attentive to our birthday girl and it was just fun watching her get giddy. I swear our family can consume a lot of food.

[+] Sweetest friend ever-slash-lawyer-to-be Sophie called me up and we chatted for quite a bit! I miss this girl so much! She's been so busy with law school, I feel so unaccomplished. I really do need to see my friends (those who aren't too busy with med school). Getting holed up in the house has limited social interaction for me. I think I should set something up. [+] Despite sleeping early the night before (at midnight!) I actually woke up at 1:30pm!!! I swear my body clock is rebelling against me and my early morning sleeping schedule. And so I woke up to find that our former President Cory Aquino already passed away. She had a long battle with cancer and I'm just glad she's in a better place and she can finally rest. [+] chatted wtih _lexizzle at the ungodliest hours in the morning and it's so funny. My Pisceans siblings are both doing their relationships thing and it's weird to hear it cause I never thought there'd come a day when this would actually happen. Well I'm just glad they have love lives, or lives for that matter. I feel so much more socially incompetent now.
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