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The Proposal

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Thanks to all the summer movies that came out one after the other, other not-so-HUGE summer movies get their release dates pushed back. And so last Wednesday, I finally got to see The Proposal after more than a month of waiting for it at the cinemas.

The funny part is, I almost didn't get to watch it as my father wanted to watch another movie -- of the action persuasion. And though I would have watched his choice, my aunt and mom came along and therefore he got out-voted. Well he voted against himself too. My father loves rom-coms anyway too.

And my dad made the right call cause from the moment we entered the cinema, I could hear my mom and aunt laughing really really loudly (along with the rest of the cinema). We got a pretty good crowd on opening day at Rockwell. My mom isn't usually this expressive at the movies. That was a good sign.

So The Critics Aren't In Love...

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Kimberley Jonesof the Austin Chronicle said:
Fletcher demonstrates, as with her second film, "27 Dresses," that she can put together a funny, able romantic comedy that is a cut above, but no more. Still, those leads are awfully likable, the Massachusetts-for-Alaska landscape rather picturesque, and if The Proposal doesn't reinvent the wheel, merrily we roll along nonetheless.
So far, two-for-two for director Anne Fletcher. I happened to love 27 Dresses (I watched it on my birthday last year) and I really remember my parents enjoying the movie a lot too. Therefore, I can now deduce that she makes parent-friendly movies that I also happen to enjoy. And yeah, it's nothing groundbreaking or anything, but it makes my parents laugh and they're not exactly easy to please, unlike me.

Robert Calvertof Premiere said:
Betty White is what makes this film memorable as Andrew’s grandmother. She steals every scene, and adds the sweetness that a film like this needs.
I find that Betty White is the funniest of all in this movie, and I'll chalk it up to experience. Woman has been making me laugh since the Golden Girls and I'm just so glad to see her on screen again. She had the funniest lines as Gammy and she really brought her A-Game. I want more grandma roles for her.

Roger Ebertof the Chicago Sun-Times said:
Recycles a plot that was already old when Tracy and Hepburn were trying it out. You see it coming from a great distance away. As it draws closer, you don't duck out of the way, because it is so cheerfully done, you don't mind being hit by it.
Yes, if it's anything, it's predictable. My dad kept whispering to me how he got reminded of The Devil Wears Prada thanks to Sandra's character being very 'evil' but then I reminded him that no, it wasn't quite so because Miranda didn't really interact much with Andy whereas Margaret did a lot of talking to Andrew. But anyway, yes it was predictable but I didn't mind at all because it was fun getting to that happy ending. The ride was worth it.

But I loved it nevertheless

I call it the baby makerPhoto courtesy of All Movie Photos
  • This movie made me even more jealous of Scarlett Johansson as she is married and gets to see Ryan Reynolds naked ANYTIME SHE WANTS. And though I have not seen his other comedic works, like Van Wilder or Just Friends, I am now bumping them up the to-watch queue because from the start to end, Ryan's faces and his ability to make me laugh was 110% without being over the top. He's pretty damn great at physical comedy and he met Sandra Bullock's comedy chops, and she's been doing this much longer.

    I won't even bother to mention how hot he is naked, and in the tux because boy could have been wearing a potato sack and it would be A-ok with me. This makes me want to go watch Definitely, Maybe again just because he's such a cutie pie.

  • There is a reason why I love watching Sandra Bullock movies and this movie just adds to the long list of films I love with her in it. I loved how she wasn't very 'likeable' in the beginning cause she's always the nice girl in movies. As the bitch this time, she gives Margaret more depth and when she was 'opening up' to Andrew in Andrew's bedroom, it felt really touching hearing her ramble about her personal stuff.

    Plus when she breaks out dancing in the forest with Gammy and when she sings with Andrew in the room, it felt so natural. My favorite scene would have to be when she offers up the dog to the eagle in exchange for her cellphone. She pulled that off really well.

  • The supporting cast was hilarious! I loved Mary Steenburgen's role as mom! She's such a cute mom, ever since I saw her play Will Ferrel's mom in Step Brothers. Such a sweetie. And I'm glad that Malin Ackerman isn't a bitch anymore! Seems like she and director Anne Fletcher have a good bond, as she also starred in 27 Dresses. Oscar Nunez as Ramone was just plain hilarious and he brought the most laughs (tied with Betty White) as the all-around guy in Sitka. He literally was everyone and it was just funny to see him take on the different roles.

  • I don't know about you guys, but my parents officially wanted to go to Sitka, Alaska. I know they didn't even shoot there (they shot in Rockport, Massachusetts) , but the view was spectacular! It made me want to go there too! And my aunt who works as a doctor in Rolla, North Dakota suddenly wanted to move to Sitka. Great tourist ploy for Sitka.

  • But really, over-all despite the critics, I really did enjoy this film and it was just so fun to watch a comedy that had just the right amount of romance in it. I'm definitely looking forward to Anne Fletcher's projects in the future.

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