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iShip Justin & Britney

Before I even knew what shipping was all about, I shipped Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. Part of that fact could be blamed on my incessant worship to *N Sync and my love for Britney in general. But together, Britney and Justin just felt like this super power that I couldn't ever see an end to.

And to think back then, all I had were their TV appearances (delayed on MTV for me), their CD liner notes, which I loved to read and decipher their not-so-subtle messages for each other and mentions of each other in magazines. Let's not forget the sweeping declarations of 'saving themselves' for marriage and the matching retractions when they obviously couldn't stick to that.

And could I blame them? They were young. They were hot. They were both at the top of their games! How could anything go wrong?! But of course they did end. And it wasn't a very pretty end. I'm still not sure why they ended (was it because of Wade? did anyone cheat?) But it seemed as if it only did one of them good. To say I was devastated would be an understatement. Sometimes, I think 'what if' they didn't break up? But they were both so young and it was inevitable. It's no use thinking of the what ifs now. And all I'm left with is my retro-active shipping of them.

"And lastly as I sit here twisting my hair -- so wishing it was yours! -- thinking of if there is any way to thank you for all the lifts, smile and surprise visits -- you will be a part of my heart and soul ALWAYS!!!!"
-- Britney, Oops... I Did It Again

"To my music, the melody on my mind -- Philippians 1:3 [I thank my God every time I remember you]... for every moment"
-- Justin, No Strings Attached

"J -- you're the one I love -- the one I live for -- the one I can't live without!"
-- Britney, Britney

"Pinky -- I love you more and more each day and if all this stopped tomorrow, I would be OK knowing that you would be by my side no matter what. I can't breathe without you. Don't ever forget that."
-- Justin, Celebrity

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