Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes

That's Patty Draper for you![AMCTV]
With just 18 days left, I can hardly contain myself waiting for season 3 of Mad Men. After going through all of the videos AMC had to offer, and reading all the spoilers I could find, I still hadn't reached my quota of Mad Men related things to do. Remember that poster? There's a video too. DON + WATER = PATTY WET

And so I almost peed myself when I saw that I could now turn myself into a character from Mad Men -- albeit in cartoon form. That's right, it's like dressing up paper dolls of yourself (or as near as their array of noses and hair pieces can get to your likeness) and then putting on the cutest Mad Men inspired clothes.

No, I still don't look like Betty or even Joan, but at least I can imagine myself in that era when I could have been a secretary sex slave to Don Draper. Go Mad Men-ify yourself! I wanna see everyone Mad Men style.

Mad Men Yourself [AMC TV via Vulture]
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