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Chuck Me Out!

He Knows Chuck-Fu![Don't Freak Out]
Another reason to wish I was at Comic Con 2009 was the Chuck Panel. I miss this show so much already so when creator Josh Schwartz said that they could be back earlier than 2010 (the original return being after the Winter Olympics), I got even more excited. Let's hope this really does happen.

And the entire cast was there too looking totally adorable. Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski looking fab together; Captain Awesome and Ellie, Morgan and Casey, and of course, let's not forget Jeffster who totally rocked out Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls! If only for that, I wish I were there.

But I Want Happy Chuck/Sarah

In season three, Schwartz promised that something emotional and traumatic will happen to Chuck and Sarah: "Is that vague enough for you?"
OH NOES! Emotional and traumatic?!? Can't it be emotional AND romantic?! I'm scared cause these two have been through so much already and I feel like they're going to go back to square 1 in season 3. I guess they need to 'shake things up' considering Chuck almost didn't get a season 3.

Chuck Sort Of Knows Chuck-Fu Some of the time

Other hints: On the "Chuck-Fu": Levi says Chuck can't know kung fu all the time, or there'd be nothing for Casey and Sarah to do. So there's a glitch in the system. When he flashes, he gets the powers, but then they'll fade.
I'm excited to see how they play out this Chuck-Fu cause obviously they can't make him too good at this as he won't need to be protected anymore. I'm excited to see how the Casey-Chuck-Sarah dynamic will be now that he can sort of take care of himself some of the time. You know Casey won't be happy with that.
And Sarah's sister Corinna will be coming back to the show.
I just want to learn more about Sarah period. I feel like there's so much we don't know. And they better explore it now. Same goes for Casey. I so want a romantic interest for him. Just cause I heart Casey.

Best of the Rest

Schwartz talked about playing with the idea of Casey and Ellie getting together, what with Awesome and Ellie being a little on the rocks.
Well look at that! I do kind of get my wish. I love Awesome/Ellie though, so I hope this isn't some permanent thing. Not after that pretty wedding they just had! But it'll be interesting to see Casey's softer side. And doesn't Ellie find Casey kind of odd being all stiff all the time? This I have to see.
Awesome will start to submerge into the spy world as well, given that he's the only other dude who knows Chuck's secret.
WHEEEEEEE!!! More Captain Awesome means more happiness for me. I hope he's half naked too while doing all these spy stuff. I'm just excited to see him used more in a non-doctor-side-character capacity. Ryan McPartlin needs the love.
And Morgan will try once again. And fail once again. Or not.
Oh noes! Try to do what?! Isn't he going to be a certified Benihana chef already?! I'm just psyched to see where they bring Morgan this season, now that he quit his job at Buy More too. Does that mean we don't get Jeffster anymore? Please say that isn't so.

Nothing Beats Jeffster!!!

I don't know if we'll get to see a lot of these boys next season considering Chuck has quit the Buy More, but I guess we'll never know until we actually finally see the finished product. I really hope it's before 2010. I don't think I could wait that long for more of Chuck. Come back to my TV please.

'Chuck' kicks out the jams at Comic-Con and drops hints about season 3 [PopWatch]
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