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Cant Rain on My Parade -- 29 Down/23 to Go[me]
[+] Today marks my 3-Month-Bumhood since I graduated from college and though others feel it's not so bad, the responsible adult I should be is saying I've 'wasted' enough time, while the lazy teen I am says I could do this forever. And so the 'serious' job hunt commences this coming week. *cross your fingers folks*

[+] This was the week of speed-fic-reading. I put a temporary halt on my 100 Movies in 2009 cause you know I've so gone past 100 and instead am immersing myself in fic. ♥

» so i really like having you around because
you're just this awesome

[+] I know, you're thinking, AGAIN?! But they're nice pick-me-ups when you feel shitty! Tell me if you have one! Hope everyone has a great week ahead of them!

[+] I woke up to the best gift ever. SIX updates! This has never happened! NEVER. I love how I kept getting them in succession and I didn't know just what to do with myself! I'm gonna take my time with them and hope they don't run out!!! I've decided to read them one a day just so that I don't run out for the week! Go me.
[-] I watched PB pack his bags for Singapore! Nooooooo!!! I'm gonna miss him so much. Then he came over to my room and gave me gift certificates to a bookstore that were given to him. I jokingly asked him for them before. He actually gave them. Don't make me cry brother! I hate goodbyes and really truly suck at them.
[-] I don't get to go with my dad to bring _lexizzle to the airport, but I do half-wake-up so I sleepily bid him goodbye, only to chat with him later on YM. This is monumental as I don't go on YM or AIM anymore. He tells me he's lost his FCUK jacket that I love. He's not sad cause it's a reason to buy a new one!
[+] Woke up extra early (6am) to bring my aunt home to our grandma. I'm gonna miss being everyone's driver when I have to work. Speaking of work, I went online job hunting and things aren't looking too good. Still, I'm gonna be more positive about this. My mom and I will do the resume dropping thing soon.
[+] Wide Awake Update. Patty dies of happiness.
[+] Finished reading Creature of Habit and Bonne Foi and am really trying to catch up with all the fic I'm not reading that I know I should be. I'm so going ot miss this when I'm working -- and yes, I am looking for jobs too while I'm online. There is something positive coming out of this, I think.
[+] Got a notice from the mailman that I have mail sent to me that I have to pick up from the post office. This has only happened to me once in my life and it was a wrong package at that. But I'm quite excited to see what or WHO sent me whatever it is that is waiting for me at the post office. I'm excited just thinking about it. ETA: I have yet to pick it up!

[+] Early in the morning, I discover (thanks to petitebelete's posting of the Awasoruk Jam!!!) that I can actually put mp3s as my ringtone. I only discover this after YEARS of owning my mobile phone. I fail!!!
[-] jamypye sent me a job opening that I know won't pay well but it interested me. Part-time editorial assistant at an entertainment magazine. I got an email back from the editor saying I had grammatical errors in my blog and she was impatient with errors. Embarrassed doesn't cut how I feel, but it isn't like I didn't know I sucked at grammar. I just don't know what to send her that isn't published or unknowingly error-filled. Points for giving me how many mistakes I made in this bullet!
[+] Managed to stay up reading Coming to Terms while waiting for the New Moon panel at Comic Con and I surprisingly made it. I wasn't able to see any feeds but the photos and videos uploaded were adorable. I love seeing this cast together. Where are you though, Jackson?!
[+] I don't know how I managed to drive my little sister to school that morning, but maybe I was still on my Chris-Weitz-Loving-High! This man officially owns me!
[-] For some reason, even if I want to sleep, my really messed up body clock won't let me. And since I'm taking a break from movies, I'm back to reading fic and I just caught up with The Vampire in the Basement. I swear I don't know why I cannot stay away from these things!


The Girl Who Lived[me]

[+] Had dinner for the July Family Celebrants in my cousin's new apartment! And my sister brought her boyfriend! I didn't think I'd see the day when someone from my family would have their boyfriend/girlfriend come to family parties. He brought really good banofee pie and he bought my dad a gift. Well played.

[+] I dressed up a la Harry Potter as my cousin caen_le_comte is a huge fan and her brother Miguel happens to go to a school where the uniform looks like it was taken straight out of Hogwarts. It's also very hot inside his uniform.

[+] Finished Hydraulic Level 5 and thank god I read it even if I had no idea what the title was about. It breaks my heart so much but I love it!!! I don't know how I'm going to stop myself from reading!

[+] Another Wide Awake update! It scares me how many updated this week. I feel there will be a drought of fic in the coming weeks!

Sunday // Happy Birthday Dad!

I have very shaky hands that are not good for JengaPhotos taken by me

[+] Before I forget, I'm also totally in love with Tropic of Virgo!!! I don't usually read high school set-fics but the poetry Debussy_88 and Ordinary_Girl write each other are brilliant. SO many usernames waiting to be claimed there!!!

[+] It's my dad's birthday! We had lunch at his side of the family's house and the food was spectacular as always. I swear these folks do NOT joke around with food. There was so much variety, I did not know what to do with myself.

[+] And because I'm apparently a loser, I played Jenga for the VERY FIRST TIME ever. I remember wanting one as a kid, but then I never did get around to getting it for Christmas. So when I finally played with my cute 2nd cousin Jakob, it was so much fun and scary. And yes, I lost, but it's all good! I want my own Jenga set, Santa!

[+] I also supposedly look like my great grandmother (her name was Tomasa Wijanco) and whenever I go to this house, I look at her photo and cannot cannot reconcile this fact. Maybe I just can't see it. Woman looks so prim. I am not prim.

[-] I don't know whether to be happy or sad that my former school UP (who aren't very good at basketball) beat Ateneo (my dad's school who also happen to be really good at baskebtall) 68-58! On my dad's birthday at that!!! i feel bad for my dad, cause he's a big fan, but good for my school! First win! I hope it's not the last.

[-] We fell asleep in the afternoon and didn't wake up for our reservation for dinner! Damn. We were supposed to have Japanese! Too bad. But I guess sleep is most important to my dad anyway. so at least he got to relax on his birthday!

ETA: on a less selfish note, go do this meme for someone else. Spread the love and let's start the week right. Hugs to everyone!

Make Love Not War
Give Some Love Meme

Thanks starryeyedmagic for giving me new music to listen to.
I blame you for getting me hooked on this song though!
I keep singing as if I'm Babs in Funny Girl
except I can't sing for shit

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