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Forget your troubles c'mon get happy

Get Happy![Just Jared]
Though I'm not exactly a fan, it was surprisingly not too cringe-worthy to see Kate Katie Holmes dancing to 'Get Happy' on So You Think You Can Dance. The last time I saw her 'sing' was when Joey Potter failed to win the coveted Miss Windjammer pageant on Dawson's Creek (which I love ♥ and miss) with her cheek-on-her-shoulder rendition of 'On My Own'.

It's good to see Mrs. Cruise step up the performance level. However, the kind folks over at Vulture, were still able to find more Judy Garland tributes that could put Katie in a corner.

Rufus Wainwright shows Katie how to flaunt her gams

WOW. Rufus Wainwright looks really really good in heels. I'm kind of jealous of his legs right now. I love his choreography and the lipstick! Go boy! I gotta say, his voice makes me all shivery inside.

Michael Jackson just shows Katie how it's done

Cue 'awww' here. No, I'm not rehashing on his death or anything, but I thought this was a really spectacular performance. I love how he cut from the white suit to the black tuxedo. And his moves are effortless. The tap dancing in the end is win!

Leland Palmer show Katie how to give a grand finale

I never did get to watch Twin Peaks but the funniest thing about the video is how it's dubbed! I don't know if Vulture couldn't find a non-dubbed version, but it got me laughing anyway. Who knew Katie Holmes was in such great company? I'm kind of hoping the cast of Glee does their own take on this. Off to listen to the real thing now.

Katie Holmes: Judy Garland Tribute on SYTYCD [Just Jared]
3 Performances of ‘Get Happy’ That Will Make You Forget Katie’s Rendition [Vulture]
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