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Cockblocking Around the Clock at Comic Con!

Read Into That[Lion and Lamb Love]
Let's just say that a year ago, I was sleeping soundly while all the craziness of Comic Con was happening. This year, thanks to my state of unemployment (and utter lack of anything better to do), I actually stayed up to 'watch' this year's Comic Con 2009 from San Diego when you know I was supposed to be sleeping.

Was it worth it? Considering I didn't line up en masse at the actual conference, I'm not going to complain. From the comforts of my bed, I tried scouring the Internet for supposed 'live feeds' only to get cockblocked each and every time (I love you Firefox update!). I also refreshed the compilation posts hoping for a photo or a sound bite or whatever.

So when 5AM (Manila time) rolled around and the tweets started pouring in, I got a little more than excited to see Rob and Kristen (and Taylor) and the rest of the 'gang' back together. And the craziness commenced

'Sensual Ocular Copulation' at the New Moon Press Conference

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3
I'm not even going to dwell on their seating arrangement, cause you know conspiracy theorists have already torn that one apart, but I just think that Summit had thought this one through and chose to mimic the poster with Taylor seated between Rob and Kristen. I also think it's because they're trying to steer away from the 'rumors.' Ha! Let's leave it to the tabloids to speculate, okay?

ETA: Again, I know. But I just had to add that the super amazing folks over at Jezebel (which just happens to be one of my favorite websites ever!) posted this really really hilarious body language 'analysis' of Rob and Kristen (and Taylor!).

God I dream of writing as good as them (or the folks at NYMag, but I digress). Really, really, funny stuff. And non-srs-bsnss either! It totally made me laugh. Though there were soooo many great lines, I have to say this is my favorite.

"Can I say "eyefuckfest"? Well... Hmm. Nevermind. He's excluded from the sensual ocular copulation Kristen and Robert are having right in front of him. Robert's enjoying it so much he's becoming quite flushed. Every hair on his body is quivering at the sight of her, and even his pinky finger is erect and swollen with desire and yearning…"

Kristen All Jetts Firing
Woman obviously came straight from shooting The Runaways (she was photographed wearing that outfit yesterday) and I have to give it to her for not being so evasive this time. Sure, she wasn't all sunshine and happiness, but that's why I love her anyway. The hair has grown on me, though it doesn't mean it's my favorite. I'm more curious to see how she grows it out.
"I cut my hair off."
-- Kristen, on how she's changed since last summer

From calling Bella a "manic-depressive," to deadpanning that Comic Con was one of the "highs," -- I'd hate to see what the lows are. But really, it was just good to hear them talk sans Hardwicke. They're so much calmer and more relaxed. I put this on Chris Weitz, but more on him later.

Remember Rob?

Rob really speaks softly and I had to strain to hear him even during the quiet press conference. I really did appreciate this press conference just cause I could understand what they were saying and though some journalists still had some inane questions: like asking about their off-screen chemistry, it was good to hear them.

"I pretty much live an almost identical life apart from being recognized and that's not necessarily the worst thing in the world. I never did anything normal anyway. I just get other people to do it now."
-- Rob, on the highs and lows of being in the series

And though he's always dressed like this, it's funny seeing Rob not in New York and still looking a little like Tyler from Remember Me. I can't wait to see the break-up scene too which happens to be Rob's 'favorite scene' just because the clip from the trailer isn't enough just yet.

New Moon Panel

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7
Finally the afternoon session came around and that was when the craziness occurred just because I know there were like 4000 people there including poetrytoprose, who was lucky enough to be near the press area and also blessed to come out unscathed! I can only imagine being inside Hall H while all of that is happening. Though I'd like to say I'd be well behaved, I probably wouldn't be.

CLIP 1 (Bella and Jacob & Halucinatory!Edward) Considering I'm pretty easy to please, you know I won't be hating on much. The backdrop looks funny but I'm still not over how things are NOT blue, which makes me very happy. I was expecting a more bad ass motorcycle, and more hair flying, but it was pretty good. Taylor's been pumping lots of iron and it shows, though I had to laugh when he took his shirt off. I was expecting Fabio to walk in any second. Cheestastic! But did we expect any less?

CLIP 2 (Alice and Bella save Suicidal!Edward) I wasn't expecting them to show this and I was a little hesitant to watch it, cause it's such a pivotal scene that I was afraid it would be spoiled. Alas, I do not have self-control and went for it. I just LOVE Alice to bits! Looking good driving that Porsche! And then Bella running through the square and and the fountain! Of course they had to stop it right when Edward comes out which at least leaves some ~mystery.

OMG! It's Ashley

I am soooooooooo happy that Ashley came out to the panel! She was so cute in her pink dress looking so pretty! I'm hoping we see more of her during the press and publicity for the movie. Noticeably missing from all of this is Jackson which would have made Comic Con 10x better. Beggars can't be choosers, so I'm just happy Ashley was there.

My Not-So Secret Crush on Chris Weitz

Chris Weitz is making me love him even more. With every appearance he makes, I love him more. This is all considering, he hasn't really appeared much. And he's just really the FUNNIEST PERSON EVER without even trying. Calling Rob 'cold to the touch' just like Edward, and saying thank you when a fan called Rob 'gorgeous,' I don't know how I'm going to make it through the press for this with him making me love him.

"Chris is a very peaceful, well seemingly peaceful person."
-- Rob, on how relaxed Chris was.

And please Chris, you should totally make a fan reaction video to the fan reaction videos. I see this as a special feature of the DVD. Do this, Chris. I will love you more. And just really while he was talking, I love how he didn't get into 'boring stuff,' or kept rambling. It's nice to know he didn't hoard the panel's time. I don't want to say that Catherine would have, but you know she could have.

"(Chris) is one of the most compassionate, the most considerate guy I've met in my life. He made it so easy. Jeez."
-- Kristen, on how wonderful Chris Weitz was.

I need to see Chris being unintentionally funny with his Gandalf (from LOTR) stick and his six layers of shirts. Why have I written three paragraphs about him already?! This is somehow wrong, but oh so right. Please let me hug you, if I see you. Off to read your 21 Answers to the 21 Questions for you. Also, David Slade is nowhere near as adorable.

ETA: I just have to document, that I'm NOT alone in my C.Weitz love. Kindred spirit petitecherie and I had the most enlightening OT conversation on the merits of Chris Weitz. ♥ Off to imagine what masculine-ly hot cologne he had on at Comic Con.

Complete Animosity!
And if you haven't watched Entertainment Weekly's interview with the cast AND Chris Weitz, you really should. Their dynamic when away from crowds is really funny. Rob kept telling them to shut up while he was talking and totally denies any chemistry with the cast cause they kept distracting him. And Chris looked really good too (how could have have so many break ups in his life?). Let me slip out and 'geek out' with you please? I shall join in your nefarious plan!

ETA: Cause lovekissed showed me the cutest photos!!!

And seeing everyone at the Twilight screening brought a tug to my heart! Kellan Lutz is looking really really really really good, just saying. I miss Jackson. I'll say it again. Why are you not here?

I have obviously said way too much on this considering I was just thinking of spamming the photos, but as usual my words have run away from me. Next stop? Teen Choice Awards. Goodness, will I be employed by then?

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