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This I Can Do[Fun Tuna]
I suck at exercise, I really do, because I am the laziest git there is in this planet. It's not like I'm doing anything important and still, I can't bring myself to do something healthy.

This doesn't mean that I haven't been tempted to try out stuff, like say Pilates and Yoga. I know it requires the right kind of breathing -- which I'm bad at, I don't breathe properly; and concentration which I don't have either. Though my favorite uncle tells me I should get into yoga to 'center' my very chaotic self.

Nevertheless, when I saw this post of drunk people doing yoga positions, I couldn't help but laugh. Who knew all it would take to do yoga was a bottle of tequila or whatever gets you to pass out? It's amazing how various states of inebriation mimics the different yoga positions. But really, I think I might try this one out -- the yoga, folks; not the drinking! More Yoga Positions Here » Hilariously entertaining.

Drunk People Yoga Positions [Fun Tuna]
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