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Like a Madman on the Run -- 28 Down/24 to Go[me]
[-] The weather this week has been cooperating with my mood, or was it that my mood was influenced by the crazy rains and winds that have been causing me to closing and opening windows every other hour? Either way, it's been a gloomy week (aka _lexizzle's last week before going back to Singapore) and I've been in a not-quite-ecstatic state of mind.

[-] Then I realized my confused state was compounded by a wonderful bout of PMS and it didn't exactly help things along. Please go away rains and cramps, please?

a whole lotta love meme //
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[-] Continually working on the 'improving myself' department and I think I did less-annoying this week, but didn't get to hold back on the sensitivity. I'll blame the PMS for now. Hope next week is a gazillion times better.

[-] Couldn't fall asleep till like 6am which is weird because on weekends, I'm usually out so early. Was it because I didn't use the treadmill on Sunday? I blame the large mug of coffe I stupidly drank close to midnight. This does not feel good.
[-] In a complete waste of my day, I napped twice!!! From 8 till noon and from 4 till 8 in the evening. I didn't write or do anything productive. I swear I'm taking decaf if I ever drink coffee at night again.
[+] Despite the awesome bed weather, I actually managed to drag myself out of bed this morning. Still, the rain kept me lazy and unproductive when really I should be working. I'm not complaining though.
[+] I found out that one of my college orgmates, Bev got married! Though we weren't close, I knew this girl and it's beyond me how she's already hitched! She's been with her now-husband Kiel forever but I'm still in shock. She's my age!

[+] In totally lazy day manner, I read two wonderfully amazing fics. Letters to Gramercy which is done and The Anti-Pleasure Dissertation which is still a work in progress but totally amazingly whoa. This means I've had zero sleep too. Go me. I'm gonna miss doing this when I'm actually employed.
[+] Watched Red Eye with half my eyes closed. I know it isn't even that scary but I'm really easy to spook. Cillian Murphy was pretty freaking creepy.


Personal Shopping With PB[me]

[+] What a day of highs and lows: Watching Harry Potter 6 with _lexizzle was pretty fun! I didn't think I'd make it to first showing so this was a good thing! I'm gonna miss watching movies with PB.

[+] Sbarro for lunch always makes me happy. And then shopping with him in Trinoma and Shangri-la was better! I think I spend more time shopping for men's clothes than for women's stuff. He should pay me for being his personal shopper, I swear.

[-] What sucks is heavy rains and extreme traffic. I swear I thought my left leg was going to fall off from stop and go in very bad visibility thanks to the rain. Pretty scary.

[-] And what I hate more is doing someone a favor (though he said he'd pay me) and he keeps bugging me about it. I already did my part. I wasn't asking for payment. Don't make it look like I'm in for the money please. End rant.


Pizza, Pizza, Pizza[me]

[+] Super duper crazy storm and so all classes were suspended. It felt so good to just stay in bed all day -- my little sister did till 430pm too! I kind of miss doing this! I think I want to do this one more time before I get employed. I wish there was a job where you were paid to sleep. YEAH RIGHT.

[+] My dad got hungry so we ordered pizza! Not one, not two but three pizzas! My family can eat so much and I told myself I wouldn't eat as much but as usual, pizza got the best of me. Goodbye bikinis I wanted to get thin for. The rains and PB leaving makes me sad. I shouldn't eat when sad.


Got all dressed up to pig the hell outPhoto courtesy of me

[+] I find it so difficult to wake up especially when it's raining like crazy outside. Like storm crazy where the wind is making the rain fall or rather FLY at a horizontal angle. I don't know how I managed to get up.

[+] Had dinner at Aubergine with my mom's sister who moved back to the US and is back in Manila for her birthday and my grandma's birthday. Food was beyond divine. We don't do fine dining much cause we're six kids and that would cost a fortune but it was a 'special' event so we all got gussied up and took lots of photos of the food (and my siblings) but really the food was crazy amazing. I felt so grown-up!

[+] THE 7-COURSE MEAL WAS CRAZY AMAZING!!! The first photo is the first four courses, the second photo is the last three cause you had a choice of either a seafood main course or a lamb course. AMAZING.


My Grandma's Old But Still Kicking[me]

[-] I now understand why I've been irritable all freaking week, it was PMS. Rawr. I'm not a fan of the monthly visitor. It usually treats me well, but this week has been an emotional roller coaster and I couldn't understand why. Now I know. Thanks a lot, PMS. I totally appreciate you.

[+] Went to my grandma's house for her birthday and the food was crazy good but I wasn't really feeling up to eating or socializing for that matter thanks to that time of the month. It also happened to be excruciatingly hot and I should have brought an extra set of clothes cause all I wanted to do was sleep.

[-] It really really sucks that PB is leaving on Tuesday and this was his last weekend with us. This means I've been doing nothing for almost 6 weeks. I spoke with my aunt about 'jobs' for me and it scared the shit out of me. Oh noes, real world. I'm gonna have to face you very very soon. Be right back, hiding in the corner.

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