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Girl Crush: Emma Watson

Call it a hangover from watching Harry Potter because I can't exactly pinpoint to the exact time when I started girl-crushing on Emma Watson. Sure, when Harry Potter first came out, I just knew her as the know-it-all Hermione Granger, but as the movies came out and she grew up to be a really elegant and pretty 'young lady' (I sound like an oldie), she totally grew on me.

Long gone is the awkward girl with the braces on her teeth. Now you can see her looking great at red carpets and at front rows of fashion shows looking impeccable and pulled together and still age appropriate -- which is rare nowadays.

Sure she's got a long way to go acting-wise, I have yet to see her in something other than Harry Potter and the BBC television movie, Ballet Shoes, but I'm hoping for a bright future for this one. She already looks the part after all.

1. She can wear both couture and off the rack and look great

“It’s kind of my lucky brand [Chanel], a fail-safe. I live, really, in jeans from Topshop, blazers from Ralph Lauren or Reiss, and ballet flats. It’s very hard to describe your own style and I’m young, so I’m still experimenting. But I think it’s quite British and very much about individuality. There’s nothing interesting about looking perfect—you lose the point. You want what you’re wearing to say something about you, about who you are.”

This is the hugest reason why I crush on her so much, girl always looks really really good. And according to my favorite fashion blogger Catherine Kallon, the oh so fashionable Emma doesn't even have a stylist! How crazy is that? I'm hoping to see more fabulous red-carpet and off the red carpet style from her!

2. She's still grounded despite the fame

“I’ve got my driving licence and bought myself a car, a grey Toyota Prius and I love the Prius, even if my friends say it’s ugly. They say I drive a brick. And, to be fair, it’s not the prettiest car on the road, but it’s good for the environment. It’s sensible and boring—like me."

I love how she bought a Prius. I know it's the it car for environment-friendly stars, but the way she defended how cute it was to her friends was adorable. You know she can afford a more expensive, more statement car, but the fact that she bought a Prius just speaks volumes of her.

3. She's still close to her family

“I got myself a laptop. I took my dad to Tuscany. He works so hard, my dad, so I rang up his secretary and asked when he was free, and I booked us a holiday."

When I read that she took her dad to Tuscany, my heart really melted. It's so sweet how she's still close to her dad and not rebelling just cause she's got the money to stay on her own now. It's a testament to what a good family foundation she has and I'm happy that she's got that kind of support system at home.

4. She isn't trying to act older than she is

"And now I can drink alcohol! I feel more free to do what I want to do, and I suppose that I have to be more responsible for myself. That’s a big change."

I'm sure she was drinking alcohol before she turned legal, but I thought it was cute how that was what she thought of when she turned 18. When I see her in interviews and off the cameras, she isn't trying to act like someone old or someone mature and is just acting her age and herself. I wouldn't go as far as to say she was a role-model cause I know girl has her share of mistakes, but she's lovely even at her young age.

5. She doesn't let the paparazzi faze her

"[At my eighteenth birthday party] they laid down on the pavement and took pictures up my skirt. Now I'm going to wear cycling shorts whenever I get out of cars."

You know when her underwear was seen during the super windy premiere of Harry Potter? She didn't let it get to her. Even when David Letterman joked her about flashing her underwear, she handled it with real grace and was such a pro about it. How classy can you get when you're being hounded by the media? Props to her!

On waiting for the right role

“There’s not a burning passion in me that I have to act and I don’t care what I do. Until something comes along that I feel as strongly about as I did Hermione—like, I felt that it was life or death—I don’t want to act again.”

On wanting to go to university

“I’ve been saying that I wanted to go to university since I was eleven, so if they didn’t let me, I’d be pretty upset. I just want to keep it private [my university choice] for as long as I can. I probably sound like a paranoid nut, but I’m doing this because I want to be normal. I really want anonymity. I want to do it properly, like everyone else. As long as I don’t walk in, and see, like, Harry Potter posters everywhere, I’ll be fine.”

On finding the right guy

“Finding someone that you like, or who likes you, is always difficult at my age. But being famous complicates things much more. I suppose that some boys feel a bit intimidated by me and stay on their guard.”

On not using her celebrity status

"I’m not really interested in doing it for my own ego. I’m not a designer. If someone asked me to do something that was beneficial to a cause, then maybe I’d consider it, but not just [to be able to say] ‘Look at me! I’ve got my own line! [It’s] gotten so ridiculous. The idea of making my own perfume makes me want to vomit."

On not being sure of her future

“At the moment I feel like I need to go away and figure out what I want to do and be myself for a bit. I just want to take a step back from it and not rush into stuff. I need university to give me that break. People think because I’m going to university I’m never going to act again, but it’s actually me… I want to… figure out how I feel about everything first. Maybe I’ll keep acting, maybe I won’t. I just want to find something where I feel I have to do this. Maybe that’ll happen when I read a script. It felt like that with Hermione [Granger]. I want to feel like that again.”

On staying true to herself

“I don’t want other people to decide who I am. I want to decide that for myself. I want to avoid becoming too styled and too ‘done’ and too generic. You see people as they go through their career and they just become more and more like everyone else. They start out with something individual about them but it gets lost. Natalie Portman is an exception. I’m in awe of how she’s handled herself.”

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