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Your Slap Don't Stick; Your Kicks Don't Hit; So We Remain the Same

Break the lock if it don't fit -- 27 Down/25 to GoPhoto courtesy of me
Surprise, surprise! I actually left the house more than once this week. This is a miracle. Usually when _lexizzle is home, you can't keep us home. But we're older lazier now and if he's not watching The Wire, we're sleeping or watching movies at home. What happened to us?! We're such oldies already!

So this week, I was shocked at the 'number of times' I actually dressed up to get out of the house! I wonder how next week will be for me. More going out? I doubt it. I don't want to spend especially since I'm not exactly earning just yet. Perhaps another quiet week for me. Hope everyone has a great week ahead!

[-] Thanks to staying up till 3am crying over finishing The Time Traveler's Wife, I woke up at noon. Not a great way to start the week. Still, I got some work done and caught up with my Internet life all before 6pm. Not bad.
[+] I watched Wanted (finally, being the last person on earth to watch this) while attempting to exercise and yet all of this was in vain because for dinner, we had garlic rice and this is just my weakness. So much for staying healthy.


PB is a shopaholic[me]

[+] When PB's in town, I'm his driver/personal shopper and I don't really mind cause shopping with my brother is so much fun. He knows what he wants and he looks good in anything he tries out. It doesn't hurt that mom's paying for it all either. Oh the life of a scholar -- I so wish I were as smart as him or just living in Sinagpore.

[+] I know I shouldn't eat them because they are calorie bombs, but I love Cinnabon. Yes they're sweet and filled with lots of evil things but they're also very very good and I wish I could eat those all day and not get sick, well okay, I could get sick, but they are just too delicious.

[+] Then my dad came over, cause he can't resist coming to the mall even if he's uber tired from work as soon as he finds out were there, and we have an early dinner! Japanese!!! My favorite, so no complaints from me. I'm so going to miss my brother when he leaves. I won't be able to 'go out' as much as I do, plus I should be working-working for real by then.

[+] stayed up till 4am to watch the MJ Memorial on CNN and I thought Pamy and I would conk out, but surprisingly we stayed through it all and even got our other siblings to stay up! So there was 5 siblings and my dad eating Cinnabon and watching CNN at 4am. So very weird.
[-] Work woes up ahead. Well not really. I'm just a complainer and it sucks cause it's all so very unorganized the way things are. I'm writing something and apparently, it's already been written about. And read my email! I asked you something, answer it, it's important!
[-] Cinnabon is really the death of me. Despite my efforts in exercising, I managed to consume 2 buns today. I swear, I have no control. I must put in more effort in saying no to these evil but totally yummy treats.
[+] Due to my dad's recent DVD-purchasing, I've been watching daddy-type films like Body of Lies and today The International. These movies sort of make me want to work in the industry. Even as like a PA to someone.


Of Floods and 18th Birthday CelebrationsPhoto courtesy of me
[+] We went to Trinoma in the morning to buy a gift for the debut (like a sweet 16 except for 18 year olds) and we were there when a pipe burst in a store, flooding a section of the mall so much it went to the edge and did a waterfall to the lower floors. All the maintenance were scurrying to take out the water but it went into some stores. So weird but so cool! I've never been in the mall when anything remotely interesting happens so that was fun.
[+] It was raining so hard, I was getting lazy to drive to Marikina for a family friend's debut, but it was sweet how she invited our ENTIRE family, so I sucked it up and drove my mom and my brother and it was worth it cause I haven't been to debuts in 4 years. Food was great. It made me think about my non-debut. Oh how time flies.
[-] I'm kinda scared cause my dad's External HD where all my TV shows are, is suddenly NOT working. He's gonna have someone check it out and I hope they get it fixed cause all of my dad's photos are there too EDIT: Phew! It got fixed! Thank goodness!
[+] We had bed weather on and off the entire day. This results in me taking a gazillion naps that will make sure I'm not going to sleep at a normal hour.


You can't really have too much Chinese foodPhoto courtesy of me
[-] True enough, I'm still awake at 3:20 am thanks to the excessive amount of naptime I had yesterday. This is the perfect way to screw with my already fucked-up body clock. Employment is so going to agree with me.
[+] Spent the day in total laziness, lazing around in bed and watching some vintage KStew, Catch That Kid. I would never have watched that if it weren't for her, but she was such an adorable child. Hilarious really. You can tell the beginnings of the bitchface.
[+] My sister was feeling generous (I wonder why) so Pamy treated the family to dinner at Eat Well at the Fort. Chinese food is always good but this was certainly some of the best Chinese I've eaten in a while.
[-] Worried about a piece I have to write, the person I need to interview isn't replying to my emails or texts. Not good. I'll probably have to call them up tomorrow. I hate it when things don't just write themselves up. I want one of those Quick-Quotes Quill like in Harry Potter, where the pen writes it for you. I also want a time-turner. I'm obviously sort of looking forward to some Harry Potter this week.

i'd like to think i was sort of less bitchy this week
or so i think. i'll let my siblings be the judge of that

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