Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Bye Bye Bye (Man) Bangs!

Look Ma! No Bangs![Efron Pictures]
I think it's time I cut my hair. Everyone else seems to be getting a cut and I'm so tempted to snip all of mine off too. I had my hair cut before graduation (back in April) and I really loved Zac Efron's man bangs that I asked the stylist to girl-ify it for me.

Now that it's about three months since my haircut (which is an awful long time for me), I'm feeling a little snip here and there wouldn't hurt. Especially now that Zac (along with Chace) has lost the man-bang. Maybe I should just grow out my hair. Allergy-permitting, I could try growing it out a bit.

Adios Pelo Bonito!

That is if I have the patience, and the non-allergy attacks. But recently, it's been not too excruciatingly hot that I could grow it out and take my allergy meds and stay out of the heat. Oh the decisions I have to make.

Instead, I'll just enjoy the prettiness of Zac Efron minus the man bangs. I got to admit, he and Chace are looking really neat and clean without all the hair in their faces. Maybe I should follow suit.

Man Bangs Make A Sweeping Exit [Jezebel]
Tags: candids, hair, zac efron
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