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Time is Passing You By; Got No Time, and I am Drifting

Got no time, Got no mind -- 26 Down/26 to Go[me]
It's hard to believe but half the year is already done. I can't believe it myself. But according to my trusty countdown, we've gone through 26 weeks of the year and are a mere 26 weeks to 2010. The days are just so fast, I can hardly believe it.

It literally feels like yesterday when we greeted the new year, as cliche as that sounds. This only means I am getting older.

I want to do so much though I'm not quite sure what it is exactly I want to do. Looks like I'm back in square one again. Not a fun place to be in. I wish things would just land in my lap so I wouldn't have to think so hard.

I'm dreading PB's leaving in 2+ weeks cause I'd have no more excuses for not doing anything. Oh well, end of rant. I hope my US friends had a great 4th of July and everyone else had a good weekend and a good week ahead!


[-] I don't know if it's because I just came from Baguio but it's so freaking hot in Manila. I swear I was sweating when I woke up and even while I took a shower, it was so hot.
[+] I finally got around to making my 'first' stop motion video for dictums birthday on Sunday. I hope she likes it and I hope it works out fine and that she likes it!


[+] Woke up to a more bearable weather condition. I wasn't sweating like anything, but I also wasn't exactly non-sticky either. I wish for Baguio weather in Manila.
[+] Finally watched Paris Je T'aime with _lexizzle! It's been sitting on my hardrive since who knows when and I really really enjoyed it. I can't wait for New York, I Love You


[+] It's getting less hot in the morning and I now realize that I don't take showers anymore just to keep clean but to feel better. I swear I find myself constantly in the bathroom.
[+] I finally reached my 100th movie and it was a French film called Prête-moi ta main. I love Charlotte Gainsbourg and I love these kinds of films. I'm gonna go scour for more of them. Anyone know any good ones?


[+] Spent the afternoon waiting for my brother's medical exam for his college. My dad and i went around the mall and though I know he's the most stubborn man alive, I didn't realize he still is such a kid. We went into Toy kingdom and he told me that when we were young he would buy all our toys. Until now, he's finding ways to buy toys (well the Wii and every other gadget at home) for us. Oh daddy.


[-] Woke up at noon cause I had slept really early this morning. I need to get back to sleeping early and my routine. School (for the kiddies) has messed up my schedule too.
[+] The weather's so weird. It was so hot this afternoon then it poured really heavily for half an hour and now it's back t being excruciatingly hot. I don't want to take another shower! Fail!
[-] I kept waking my little sister up thinking she had class the next day when I realized it was Friday evening! FAIL AGAIN!


[+] Went to Quiapo with jamypye to buy a new pair of eyeglasses and my goodness my sister takes forever. I tried to be patient, but i was really tired and sleepy and hungry. After lunch though, I felt better and we headed to Robinsons Place Manila so that my dad could give us a ride home from the hospital.
[+] I was volunteering to drive on the way home because my dad looked tired. But when I told him that I was willing to drive, he suddenly perked up and said he was fine. So funny.


Quasi Family Day OutPhoto courtesy of me

[-] I couldn't bring myself to wake up early this morning despite sleeping at a normal time. I had a hurried/late breakfast before heading to Rockwell. We haven't been to Rockwell in forever. I miss the mall for it's 'emptiness.' Trinoma's so full.
[+] Headed to Trinoma after lunch at Sango burger cause my grandma couldn't find anything in Rockwell. I ended up buying some books and a new dress that was on sale. I need to work. I want more money.
[+] Finished the day out with dinner at KFC, cause we didn't want my mom to cook dinner. It amazes me how much my family can eat. This was like an hour and half from the snack we had at the mall. So much food.

The general consensus is that I'm sensitive, bitchy, a bully, noisy, and annoying. I know I am and I need to change. I want to change. No need to tell me that I don't need to change or whatever cause I'm not looking for pity or an ego-stroke. In the spirit of half-the-not-so-new-year's-resolutions, I'm gonna try to be a better version of Patty, though it's gonna be hard to do, and hard to believe. I'm gonna try my best. Cross your fingers for me.

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