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Anne Dazzles Not Once But Twice in 'Twelfth Night'

Viola and Cesario[NYT]
In yet another way fate is laughing at me for not living in New York right now, the reviews for Shakespeare in the Park's Twelfth Night have come out and they are liking Anne Hathaway's performance in it.

I'm happy she's doing well in it because I'm sure the pressure to do well in something as highly criticized as theater can be tough. But really, I just wish I were in New York right now to see her perform live. Anne + my favorite cross dressing story would have been mighty win. Alas, I'll have to settle for the reviews and photos. I can't even download this one. Boo.

"This polished staging, expertly directed by Daniel Sullivan, is the most consistently pleasurable the city has seen in at least a decade. And it is certainly one of the most accomplished Shakespeare in the Park productions the Public Theater has fielded in some time." -- Charles Isherwood

"The Viola of the gamine movie actress Anne Hathaway is the marquee attraction that will surely make the production the summer's buzziest theater ticket. But among the many pleasures of her performances is its effortless modesty. On screen or onstage Ms. Hathaway possesses the unmistakable glow of a natural star, but she dives smoothly and with obvious pleasure into the embrace of a cohesive ensemble cast."

I Love You, You’re Perfect. You’re a Girl? [NYT]
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