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What's the story, Morning Glory?

Good Morning Rachel[Just Jared]
Reason number 2 for wanting to be in New York right now?! Rachel McAdams shooting Morning Glory in the freaking city. I swear I would kill to be there right now. As if the wait for Gossip Girl was too long, I have to wait till 2010 till this movie gets released! IMDB sums up the movie as: "a hotshot television producer is set the challenge of reviving a struggling morning show program, despite the constant feuding of its high-profile anchors."

Rachel I'm assuming is the producer and she stars alongisde the very much alive Jeff Goldblum and my erstwhile old-man-crush Harrison Ford.

So Very Hotshot

I love how she's taking on a working girl, take-life-by-the-balls kind of character in this one cause I haven't seen her take on the independent woman kind of role just yet. I'm also excited cause it's got Patrick Wilson in it whom I remember from Little Children. Plus Rachel and comedy is always a good thing.

Looking good Mr. Ford

Plus the fact that Rachel stars as a TV producer (something I could have/could be if I ever do get into production), gives me a sense of kinship to the movie already. And hello, they're in New York so yeah. It wins on all fronts.

Goldblum's Aliiiiive!!!!

Though I was never a Goldblum fan, the fake news of him dying really made me crack up especially since I saw these photos of him shooting in New York and NOT New Zealand. More than that though, the film is being produced by the always fantastic JJ Abrams. I'm not expecting a Star Trek or anything but it's in good hands.

The cherry on top of all this McAdams loving? Upon further research on Wikipedia -- which is soooo reliable -- I find that this movie is to be directed by Roger Michell. I KNOW. Who right?! Who the hell is he? He just happened to direct one of my favorite movies of all time, Notting Hill. That's it. I'm totally looking forward to this one.

Rachel McAdams: Good Morning, Glory! [Just Jared]
Rachel McAdams Spotted Filming ‘Morning Glory’ In The Big Apple [MTV]
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