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The Gossip Kids Are Back in the City

Look! In the Sky![You Know you love me]
I swear I wish I were in New York right now -- as I always wish. I'm looking at you meesters!!! Why? Well other than the fact that it's the best city ever, it also happens to be where Gossip Girl is shooting season 3 (among other things: Remember Me with Rob, Morning Glory with Rachel, Shakespeare in the Park with Anne! ).

But really Gossip Girl Season 3 is looking good, if these photos are any basis for this. Blair and Chuck and the rest of the UES kids (well Serena and Nate at least) were seen looking oh so fab in the streets of New York. I don't know how long I can wait till September 14. It feels so far away.

Nate's Looking Pretty As Ever

I'm not sure if his hair is new or something but he looks really really good with it. I wonder what kind of lame-ass storylines they're going to give Nate this season. I feel bad for him. Oh and the list Chace is holding? I took a look at the HQ version and it seems to be some kind of lunch menu. I wonder if he went for the rice and beans or the scalloped potatoes.

Blair's Blooming In Love

I just cannot get over how cute Leighton Meester is in this floral Alice & Olivia halter dress. I want this dress! Leighton seems to be wearing silver slim Haviannas in between takes. She looks so good though! I wonder how she'll deal with Georgina being her new roomie.

Chuck is going to... Wallstreet?

Not sure where Chuck's going to end up for college (if he even does) as he looks to be suited up and quite well at that. Love the red socks and the really savvy business man look he's got going. The belated birthday boy, Ed Westwick looks amazing this season. Chuck really brings out the best in him.

Chuck and Blair Happy Times Up Ahead?

I don't know how long it'll take for them to break-up this season (hopefully NOT) because the lower half of the pictures shows Chuck on his phone and a very ignored looking Blair. Please let this not be the start of problems. They just got together writers! Let us enjoy some happy time. Like perhaps the way Blair looks so happy in that dress next to Chuck. Please say they'll be happy even for just a bit?

Gossip Girl Season 3 Behind The Scenes - June 29 [You Know You Love Me]
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