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iShip Seth <3 Summer

I've been re-watching The O.C. and it made me miss the show a LOT. I loved almost everyone in it (save for a few) and though I shipped almost all of them (Ryan/Taylor, Sandy/Kristen), Summer and Seth still come back as the cutest, funniest couple on the show (too bad they had to break up in real life!). Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody really did the characters justice.

As individuals, Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts are pretty awesome folks already so combined (and with the addition of Captain Oats and Princess Sparkles), it's just about as fantastic as they can get. Sure they had their share of their drama, but they were so funny and sweet together.

I can still remember Seth going up the kissing booth to get Summer and the many folks that tried to get in between them but in the end, it was still returned to Summer and Seth. I need more of my California-loving couple. Give me more O.C.!!!

Summer: What do you want from me, Cohen?
Seth: I just want you.
Summer: No you don't. You had me. You had me at Chrismukkah in a freakin' Wonderwoman costume and you chose Anna. You had me three months ago and you left.
Seth: I want to make that up to you.
Summer: It has nothing to do with me. It's about you. And it is always about you: what you need and what you want. You know, it seems you only want me when you can't have me. You like the chase, and that's all. And you know what? You can have it.

Summer: C'mon Cohen, you are so cheesy.
Seth: I'm sweeping you off your feet.
Summer: The sad part is, you kinda are.

Seth: He's the only friend I've ever had.
Summer: No. You have me.

Summer: C'mon. No stops, no excuses. I am marrying you tonight.
Seth: Not if I marry you first.

Summer: Just remember, this isn't goodbye. You're my destiny, Cohen.
Seth: Go save the world, Summer Roberts.

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