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Now I won't settle for less -- 25 Down/27 to Go[me]
[+] Crazy ass week that was. From defectively annoying internet, to pseudo-job 'contract' signing, to falling asleep while exercising; to canceled and impromptu Transformers movie viewings, celebrity deaths to of course my ultra relaxing (internet-less) hiatus in the cold-ish now off peak summer capital, Baguio.

[+] Things I sort of realized thanks to my week:

a) I need to be more patient with the Internet (I know, even more than before);
b) I need to look for an actual actual job;
c) I should get into better shape ;
d) I shouldn't psyche myself up on opening days;
e) I should totally live life to the fullest; and
f) I can sort of survive ish without the internet for a bit (but hopefully not anytime soon).

[+] And I still have the TWO (2) Dreamwidth invites up for grabs. Though I'm not using mine yet, I've got two more invites. So tell me if you want it!


[+] Who knew my brothers were such kids? We watched Coraline all together in the morning and i wasn't even the one who suggested it! They may be big but they're still my little brothers in a way.
[-] I tried being 'good' today and actually tried to exercise. In the middle of it all, I fall asleep. No kidding. In the middle of doing god knows what reps of whatever, I find myself asleep in the middle of the floor. FML.
[-] The internet sucks. It keeps getting cut off then back on. Then back off. Long and short intervals. You know what sucks more? Five other siblings who refuse to call PLDT about it. Am I the ONLY one using it?!


[+] Went back to City Hall early in the morning to pick up my NBI Clearance and luckily I'm cleared! I haven't committed any crimes, obviously, but it's always nice to know that the NBI doesn't have anything on me.
[-] Due to the suckiness that is PLDT myDSL, PB and I ended up going out after I went to ABS again to finally 'sign' my contract. I saw my Uncle whom I haven't seen in ages and then PB and I went to Greenhills to shop a bit.
[-] PLDT totally sucks. I called them in the morning asking to help us with our internet-less situation and they said they'd call after lunch but they didn't. When we got home, there was still NO Internet. I hate them.


[-] I was in a really pissy mood when I woke up. Then I find out that there was a Signal No. 2 storm (but it was so sunny) so all high schools would have no class which would mean really long lines for Transformers 2.
[-] True enough, because my siblings had no class, I had to wait for EVERYONE to get ready and by the time we went to the mall with my dad, the lines were really long. And my impatient family refused to watch. Boo.
[+] Finally finished Shopaholic and Baby and I realize I want Luke Brandon even more. I fell asleep after reading and wouldn't wake up till the next day. That's a long sleep, which I don't mind at all.


[+] Woke up from my really long sleep with my body aching. I guess skipping one day of working out didn't do much help for me. My high school siblings still don't have class. And I swear it's not raining!!! Grrr
[+] In between watching movies, I was able to bring my brother to his little wine-tasting with my dad. I got invited to sit in at the radio station but then it was waaaay too late and i wouldn't make it to the station on time. Boo.
[+] Pamy invited me to go with her and her almost/practically boyfriend to watch Transformers 2. How can I say not to a free movie, right? Second day of showing isn't so bad. Plus I didn't have to line up for tickets!


Baguio for the 2nd time this yearPhoto courtesy of dad
[+] Woke up extra early so we could leave for Baguio bright and early. It sucks not going with the entire family but Pietro and Pio had class. PB won the traditional 'guessing what time we get to Baguio' game by a minute! Pamy was so close. She lost by a few seconds!

[+] The Manor at John Hay is so freaking classy! I've never stayed there and Paola and I had an entire room to ourselves. It was so pretty!!! The beds were huge! We're so used to sharing beds and rooms that this was just beyond us.

[+] We were there on a spa package so we had our first full body massage and it was divine! I love massages. Paola had her first massage and it was funny to hear her squirm and laugh beside me. I fell asleep so early. I'm such an oldie!


The Evolution of the Jump ShotsPhoto courtesy of dad
[+] Woke up extra early for the breakfast buffet and I ate way too much. It shouldn't be legal how good the breakfast food was. We went walking right after breakfast to burn some of the calories we ate. I swear I shouldn't eat that much.

[+] Had a marathon of spa treatments. We had our foot therapy which was ticklish but super amazing. Then another full body massage wherein I fell asleep. Then we had our facial which left my skin really nice. Then after mass and dinner we returned for our manicure/pedicure. I'm so spoiled.

[+] We listened to music at the lobby afterwards. My dad is a sucker for live music so I sucked it up and stayed up even if I was sleepy. I had an Oreo cheesecake to keep me entertained. The live band was pretty good though. It was much more fun to people watch though. Drunks are such great entertainment.


More Jump Shots - Hotel Room StylePhoto courtesy of dad
[+] I tried to keep it cool on the breakfast buffet especially since we'd have a long trip home so I have to congratulate myself for NOT eating waaay too much. Just too much. Then we had our last of the jump shots (wherein I accidentally Britney-ed the camera, thank goodness for pretty underwear).

[+] The way home wasn't so long, Pamy won this time but she almost lost again. I was seated in the back and I swear I can't keep awake for an entire 6-hour trip. But I did get to drive for a bit of the express way. I was just teasing my dad by sitting in front during one of the stopovers but he let me! I was so nervous! Luckily, we made it to the next stop alive.

[-] And now that we're back in Manila it's soooooo freaking hot again. I missed my Internet and there's so much to catch up on but it was actually sort of refreshing to not have it for two days. Though I wouldn't want to go through that in the near future. Hope everyone else's weeks were great and here's to another week!
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