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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Revenge is coming[All Movie Photos]
I had almost given up watching this movie on it's opening weekend because I'll be in Baguio from Friday till Sunday (even if there's a cinema there) and because on opening day, my siblings and dad were daunted by the extremely long lines (due to classes cancelled).

But thanks to jamypye and her almost/practically boyfriend (gasp! hey, it's her words, not mine), I got a free movie right before we leave for the summer capital of the Philippines. And I didn't even have to line up. Hey, this sister with an almost/practically boyfriend business is suddenly benefiting me.

What wasn't bad either was the movie itself. Though the critics panned it as the 5th worst movie (so far), I wouldn't quite agree with them this time. The only flaw for me would be the pretty lengthy 147 minutes, but then again, maybe it was my contacts that were bothering me. I think so.

So the critics weren't so happy...

The battle for Earth beginsPhoto courtesy of All Movie Photos
Rene Rodriguez of the Miami Herald said:
At least the special effects in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen are remarkable: You never tire of the endless variations of robots Bay and his computer-generated effects crew come up with.
The special effects and CGI have totally outdone themselves. Though I was very bad at telling the baddies apart from each other the goodies were all so pretty and shiny and just all around pretty to watch. If a tenth of this CGI/special effects is what I'm guaranteed for New Moon then consider me happy, because the transformations were amazing and everything felt oh so real -- even if we're talking abour Robots here.

Carrie Rickey of the Philadelphia Inquirer said:
Roughly an hour in, Transformers 2 morphs from teen adventure into lumbering war movie. Bay and his screenwriters squander their human capital in order to show us scenes of 20-ton toys crushing 10-ton toys.
After one hour of the movie, we finally get to Egypt and hear what the hell is going on between the Autobots and the Decepticons and by this time, my contacts have dried up and I'm blinking frantically away. I also blame fatigue, but I didn't fall asleep, but I was hoping the movie would go by faster. Still, I do wish there were more human-face-time as opposed to all the robot-action going on during the latter half of the film. I actually missed Sam's parents for a bit there.

Michael Philips of the Chicago Tribune said:
Fox's cleavage is the only camera object that catches Bay's attention for more than a millisecond.
And yes, Megan Fox is extra hot in this movie. I mean every frame she's in, they make sure to cram just a little a lot of cleavage and a lot of beauty shots. I'm not a big fan of hers, but she looked mighty mighty hot in this one. Mikaela Barnes is a very very good look for her and I was seriously considering batting for other team thanks to her very hot self.

... but as always the non-critic was pretty pleased

Too Much Sexy?Photo courtesy of All Movie Photos
  • Sam Witwicky is still the most adorable dweeb ever. The Witwicky's in general are just awesome people. And Mrs. Witwicky high on weed and the dad being his hilarious self were great human touches in this very robotic movie. I feel bad for their house. It always keeps getting blown up.

  • Trying to add hotness to the movie was Isabel Lucas and though I find she didn't go half as hot as Megan in this one, she sure did give her best, complete with requisite ass cleavage shot (though a robotic tail was coming out of her very short dress). She had the funniest ways of transforming. Not pretty.

  • It would have been fun if they went on an entire treasure hunt all over the world, but it would have been waaaaay too much information in this already jampacked movie. The old robot they found at the Smithsonian was pretty kick ass. He was funny and just felt more human, which I missed. There was so much action, the robots didn't feel as human as they did in the first.

  • However, Bumblebee was still all kinds of amazing. Definitely my favorite robot, he was such a loyal friend to Sam and it was nice to see him again. I wish they had used him and his musicality more but alas, I feel we saw him more in Camarro form. I still love his interaction with Isabel Lucas's character though.

  • A great addition was the character of Leo and we see the return of John Turturro ( I love it! Two back to back films with him in it!). They definitely added a much-needed comic relief when Sam's mom wasn't in the picture high and all. Their dynamic with each other was pretty good too.

  • Though I never really cared for the soldiers, it was nice to see Josh Duhamel's prettiness. I feel for Tyrese though, as he got the bulk of the cheesy lines. Someone had to say them and well I guess he drew the short straw.

  • I wish there was more Sam/Mikaela cuteness, but we sure got a lot of the I-love-you-you-say-it-first bit and yet they somehow pull it off. Megan's extreme hotness makes up for Shia's sort of dweebiness and it just fits nice like that. Hey, I would totally make out with my boyfriend too if we were in Egypt.

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