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Taking of Pelham 123

Still Wanna Ride the Subway[All Movie Photos]
Though I love me some romantic comedies, I can't resist these types of movies. My dad can count on me to watch one of these with him, though technically, he didn't watch this one with me -- he just paid for my ticket and watched Terminator instead. But that's not the point.

The point is, though I wouldn't pay to watch these kinds of movies, I enjoy watching them either on DVD or on a free movie ticket. And so the reason I ended up watching Taking of Pelham 123 alone last week.

Needless to say, I doubt a lot of folks actually watched this movie, but I have to admit I was pretty entertained by it (though this is speaking loosely as I'm entertained by almost anything). I didn't even know about the original version of this, but I sure as hell want to go look for it to see how the 2009 version fared -- apparently, it didn't quite match up.

And the critics said

This is NOT changing my mind about the subways at allPhoto courtesy of All Movie Photos
A.O. Scott of The New York Times:
Even at a distance from each other (Washington/Travolta), they conduct a tag-team master class in old-style movie star technique, barreling through every cliché and nugget of corn the script has to offer with verve and conviction. Even when you don't really believe them, they're always a lot of fun to watch.
For me, the film probably wouldn't have been as good if it weren't for Travolta and Washington. I've always thought of Travolta as a good guy but he freaked me out in this role. he was pretty damn efficient as the baddie. Meanwhile Washington was really good too as the trying-to-be-honest public servant -- complete with ill fitting shirt and paunch-ish belly. Love it.

Joe Morgenstern of the Wall Street Journal:
Yet most of the film's energy is generated by flamboyant cinematography and music-video cutting, and much of that energy is false.
I LOVED THE EDITING OF THIS MOVIE. It was definitely music-video-esque but the little pop-up writings were fun and though it may have masked the movies 'flaws,' I was constantly looking forward to the way it would be cut and put together. Plus starting with Jay-Z's 99 Problems will always be A+ in my book.

Nathan Rabin of The Onion:
Tony Scott’s bracingly awful remake/desecration of the classic ‘70s thriller.
I wouldn't call it bracingly awful though maybe it's because I didn't watch the original. But even if I had, it definitely had its high points: Tony Soprano as the mayor and just being set in New York makes me want to watch it already.

While my non-critical mind says

Hello Claustrophobia thoughPhoto courtesy of All Movie Photos
  • I LOVE NEW YORK CITY. Anything you shoot there, I'll most probably watch. Anything. And so this one felt great to me cause it really used the city as a character. From the subway trains to the underground to the roads on top and just the way they used New York. It felt so real.

  • It's updated-ness made it feel like the 2000s. It had the character who was video-conferencing with his girlfriend via laptop and the way John Travolta's character would check his stock while holding everyone hostage cause of the Wireless Internet (WHICH I CANNOT SEEM TO FIX!!! I HATE MY INTERNET NOW!!!). It felt very updated.

  • John Turturo was amazing. He played the hostage negotiator who wasn't so fab at negotiating but totally funny as a character. I'm not sure he meant to be funny but it was just nice to see him on screen again. I think I'm gonna watch Quiz Show again soon.

  • Also seeing Tony Soprano in a non-Mob role was quite refreshing. Though he wasn't as BIG a role as the two leads, he was definitely a fabulous supporting cast.

    I wouldn't pay to watch it, but considering it was a free ticket, I am so not complaining about it. It definitely banked on Travolta/Washington's star power and it had a pretty good production value to back it up. Though I wouldn't go as far as saying it was one of my favorite movies, it's definitely a good one in its genre.

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