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It's overwhelming, but what else can we do? Get jobs in offices, and wake up for the morning commute

Time To Pretend -- 24 Down/28 to Go[me]
[+] I'm so not ready to be an adult just yet. I thought having my parents away for the weekend would be kinda fun, except my not-so little brother got sick and that scared me cause I was the oldest kid at home. Not fun. Thank goodness he's well now.

[+] Meme taken from EVERYONE literally. It's kinda long but, hey, if you're bored. Why not?

YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I want to know 28 things about you. I don't care if we've never talked, never really clicked, or if we already know everything about each other. I really don't. You are obviously on my flist, so let me know with whom I'm friends!

[+] Oh and suddenly they're giving out invites so I've got TWO (2) Dreamwidth invites up for grabs. Tell me if you want it!


[+] Got roused really early to switch cars with my dad which initially pissed me off till I realized I wouldn't have woken up on my own. My mom accompanied me to various government offices where I had to fix my paperwork for future employment. It was like a field trip to god knows where. I didn't know these places existed before. So many places to see in Quezon City.

[-] I was apparently so exhausted when I got home I just fell asleep and was totally knocked out till dinner time. NO more field trips for me, I swear.


[+] Woke up extra early so I could bring Pietro to school for his first day. It was raining so hard and traffic was so bad I'm glad I just made it on time.

[-] Finally took the failable exam for my pseudo-job and it was one big mind game. I swear I pity the person who has to check that because it was kinda far out, I don't know if it was serious. I tried answering the best I could but it was just weird.

[+] Took PB and Pio to Trinoma so we coudl watch Drag Me To Hell which I'm surprised I survived. It was actually pretty good in a campy, shocking kind of way.


[-] Found out that my grandma's sister's husband (Uncle Oscar as we called him) finally passed on after a long struggle. I drove my mom and my grandma to the wake in the morning and he looked really peaceful. I never know how to act in a wake. I feel like I should be doing something.

[+] Had lunch with my grandma and her brother and my mom at Trinoma afterwards. I ended up returning to the wake in the evening because my siblings hadn't gone and it felt better that we were more. At least I didn't feel so silly alone.


[+] Watched Dear Frankie while doing my 'work' and it was sooooo sad. I originally downloaded it for Gerard Butler but then eventually loved it for what it was. Emily Mortimer is so pretty!

[+] On dictums rec, I read A World Without Sound and I didn't know how I would like a deaf Edward but wow! It was really good and I loved the flashbacks it had. I am such an easy target for fic. I just get sucked in. So now I've read some Blindward and Deafward. I wonder what else fic can come up with.

Friday // Belated Happy Birthday Lee!

Happy Birthday Lee!!![me]
[-] We're currently orphans as my parents left for Cebu and Pamy's in Bicol. Fun, right? Not quite. Pietro's also sick with fever and I'm the eldest in the house. Boo. I cannot be an adult just yet.

[+] I almost didn't go to Lee's birthday cause of my sick brother, but I ended up having dinner with my high school barkada and I had so much fun just hanging out in Lee's house. It's so good to just hang out with these girls. I had to deflect the many, 'what are you doing now' questions. Oh to have an answer to that.

[-] Pietro's fever was up and down and I'm so afraid it's something serious. I was scared it was A(H1N1) but thankfully it wasn't. My dad keeps reassuring me that he's fine and it's just fatigue, but I was worried cause they're not here and I was the one in charge of things.


[-] Being awakened by my grandma's phone call at 5:30 asking about my brother is not a good way to start the day. Then the really really noisy marching band goes off at 6:30 and that doesn't help me fall back to sleep.

[+] Watched 3 movies back to back to back. I know I should be reading (a book) but instead I saw December Boys, Dedication and Defiance. (Yup, I download alphabetically). I should get back to reading something that isn't fic. Yeah right.

[+] Also based on Jenn's recs, I finished reading IED which was pretty freaking amazing. I love EPOV fic and the fact that Bella was so angry! Angry Bella is fun to read. She's got so much more fight in her!


[+] Pietro finally got well when I left for my grandma's sister's husband's cremation/mass. It's been kinda stressful having a sick sibling and no parents or older sibling at home. I hope this never happens again.

[+] Uncle Oscar's cremation was sad. And I'm not even that close to him. I don't know how I'm going to handle death when it does happen to our family. I hope Auntie Cora (my grandma's sister) gets through this.

[-] Finally caught up with my movie quota for the week by watching Diminshed Capacity, Dirty Filthy Love and Donnie Darko. I should really get off my ass and exercise. explainingsound and petitebelette: I'm gonna try to be as persevering as you guys!
Tags: 2009 weekender, birthdays in 2009, death, health, meme, more family, siblings, vacation
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