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Girl Crush: Kaya Scodelario

It's official. I think it should be mandatory to have some Brazilian blood in your offspring's veins. Because if Kaya is any indication of how pretty your kid will look with Brazilian blood thrown in, then it's off to search for a Brazilian sperm donor.

But really, when I first saw her in Series 1 of Skins, she got the drugged-out, bad girl look down pat. And though I love fresh, happy faces, there's something about a little bitchiness and attitude that goes a long way. I'm not saying that Kaya's a bitch at all, because looking at her outside Skins lets me beg otherwise.

In fact, she's so adorably cute in non-Effy mode that I'm excited to see her in other roles other than the often-misunderstood little sister of Tony. I've been crushing on her for quite some time, I think it's just about right that she finally got her own picspam.

1. She's how old again?
"Independence is crucial. I've lived on my own in a flat in north London for about nine months. Yes, I'm only 17 and it is harder than I thought, but I think women should be strong and independent. I'm proud of myself."

I sometimes forget this kid was born in 1992. Yup, I was already in grade 2 when she came into this world and yet she seems so much older -- in a good way. She's got her independence and she's got a strong attitude and I love about a girl who's still so young really. This makes me feel a) old but b) very immature.

2. She's got a great sense of style
Sure, she's not very original or groundbreaking in her outfits, but she's got this great vibe about her that makes any of the clothes she puts on look really good on her. She borderlines the biker chic, rock and roll girl and yet can also go feminine and sometimes flapper. Still no matter what she wears, she looks like she's having fun.

3. She's not afraid to like some Britney
I’m the biggest Britney fan and its really hard only picking one song but this reminds me of being in primary school walking around the playground with my friends singing this as loud as we could!

I was reading through her celebrity playlist and though she does like the 'cooler' bands out there, I loved how she admitted to liking some Britney. I'm a sucker for pop and the fact that she came out and said this is major props in my book. Come on, how can you not get swayed into liking a bit of pop right?

4. She worked her ass off to get some respect
The reason I got into acting is because i had a very difficult time at school. I was bullied a lot. this was my way out, basically - my way of getting respect. Guess what? it worked!

I can't imagine how she'd be bullied as a kid but the fact that it pushed her to do something for herself and make something of herself outside school really makes me look up to her. Skipping school isn't something I would ever think of doing just because I would be so afraid of what comes next and still she pursued what she wanted to do head on. That takes guts and I like it.

5. She's still (sort of) a normal kid
I'll walk around Hapmstead Heath or hang around with my friends.

Sure, she's on red carpets and looking great, on the front seat at Fashion Week, but when she's not working, she's still a normal kid (who just happens to be friends with Emma Watson). But I appreciate that she's still sticking to her roots and trying her best to just be as 'normal' as normal can get.

On the pressure of being the lead
There was a bit of the pressure but I knew it was my chance to achieve something and be proud of myself. I was really excited about it and I knew it would be an amazing opportunity. I only auditioned once at a small open audition two years ago so I never thought I’d be getting to do this – I’m very grateful for it.

On why she took the role
I’d never seen anything like it before – a teenage show, for teenagers, written by teenagers. It looked like so much fun. It’s incredible, it’s such an amazing opportunity.

On what she thinks of Effy
I think Effy will make it happy. I think Effy will make it fun. Hopefully she's gonna have loads of drama. I think she's a great character to work with. There's so much you can do with her. So, I can't wait to see what they come up with.

On dealing with change
I'm very excited to work with some new people and see how the show changes. But I think it's good to have a fresh start. Because people do move on, people do leave. So, it's great that they're doing it. It's different as well. It's very exciting

On her looking to the Theater
It's totally different. I haven't done it before and I think it would be a good way to push myself. All the people I know who have done theater have said it's the best thing they've done, because it helped them learn more about themselves
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