Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

One day a Milk Toof knocked on my door & said hello

Ickle and Lardee[My Milk Toof]
When I'm bored, I troll LJ and do totally unproductive things. Other people channel their boredom into more creative pursuits. This is what happens when someone's got way too much creativity and cuteness.

Say hello to Ickle and Lardee, the two characters in this really cute blog's take on the adventures of these two little milk teeth.

That's right. Milk Teeth. My Milk Toof puts these two totally adorable teeth into the cutest situations, like taking a bath and going on adventures and just being awesome.

I'm sure this endeavor takes up a lot of time and you can see it with the intricate details in the photos taken of the milk teeth on their capers. Check it out if you need some cuteness in you life. Toof Cleaning is one of my favorites!

MY MILK TOOF [Blogspot]
Tags: culture, internet
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