Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Jen Needs To Start Choosing Better Titled Movies

[Just Jared]
I love it when people can make fun of themselves and not take things seriously. Everyone needs to lighten up.
"It started with, well, The Good Girl. Then that evolved into Rumor Has It, followed by Derailed, and then there was The Break-Up. And then on the lighter side was Friends with Money, which I felt was a bit on the nose. So if any of you have a project titled Everlasting Love with an Adult, Stable Male… that would be great! I’m at table six, and my agents are at table 12." -- Jennifer Aniston on how she needs movies with better titles at the Crystal and Lucy Awards [Just Jared]

How He Be Not That Into Her?

I just had to say how adorable Jennifer looked in this Prada gown which isn't black! Good for her. And though haters will hate, I'm glad she isn't taking things so seriously. I hope she finds whatever it is she's looking for.
Tags: girl crush, quotes, red carpet, style
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