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This is what happens when I have a quasi eventful week in my life. I get so exhausted by it, that I forget what I want to say about my week to begin with. I was looking at the calendar and it occurred to me that half the year is almost over.

This sort of freaked me out. How could half the year be done and I'm still in a sort of limbo? Luckily, PB arrived this week and I can finally justify my vacationing mode. It's funny how now that he's here, I have ~work to do. Oh the irony of things. And because I'm always late to the bandwagon, go do that very old meme for me if you guys are bored. I know I am though I have a zillion things to do.
[+] Despite the fact that the car was coding today, I took it with me during the window it was allowed in the streets cause it was raining and I needed to go to ABS-CBN to fix some stuff for the writing I've been doing for Chalk. I've never been into the ELJ building and all I can say is WOW, you're so pretty! I've been to GMA's equivalent as that and ELJ > the GMA building.
[-] The rainy day didn't go away and so I stayed in bed most of it re-reading old fic because new updates are scarce right now. If only the muses inspired my favorite fic writers all the time. {My prayers were answered! Three updates in a row!}
[+] I read Confessions of a Nanny, Obsession is a Four Letter Word and Mr. Horrible! I love these updates so much! I get a high when I see mail from
[-] Woke up with my my thumb hurting like hell. I don't know what I did to it while I slept but it was quite swollen and it hurt to do ANYTHING with it. I swear, not only do I talk in my sleep, I gnash my teeth and now my thumb gets abused?! I should stop sleeping.
[+] Watched Choke and Conversations with other Women. Both were funny in their independent film sort of way. I now want to read Chuck Palahnuk's book that Choke was based on.
[+] I was checking my mail during the brief period of internet when I saw brennans had sent me a TIARA virtual gift!!! I was so shocked and happy and grateful and just elated!!!! Thank you so much dear! I'm so touched. This makes Patty feel very loved.
[+] Our beloved Internet went AWOL again and I called our provider and they promised somoene would come by and someone did! Finally! They changed our modem cause it's apparently ANCIENT and he connected to the internet but only on one computer
[-] Right when he left we tried setting up the WAN but then the scheduled power outtage happened and I ended up taking a midmorning nap and when lunch came around the power went back on but our internet refused to connect. Grrr.
[+] Thank god for basic computer skills, Pio and I somehow miraculously connected again and now our internet is a tad faster than before and I'm just happy. I Hope it doesn't keep disconnecting and shit. *my fingers are crossed*


[+] Had my interview at ABS-CBN for that quasi-job and felt it went pretty good considering it was a formality. Wasn't so psyched about the fact that I had to get so many documents ready (from so many different government offices which means long lines) for it though.

[+] City Hall is my new favorite place as I was able to get or try to get three of said needed documents there. Perfect Fifths is the perfect time passer. The lines were not long with Marcus and Jessica in my hands. Also went to UP to get a copy of my grades. This job better be worth all this hassle.

[-] Daunted by the documents I still need to get for this especially since PB is arriving on Sunday and I do not want to waste my time doing crappy paperwork when I could spend it with PB watching tv or just hanging out. Boo real world.


Independence Day[me]
[+] On my way to the clinic for my check-up, I see the Priest mobile in front of me at the mall. Meaning my priest crush is gonna be in the mall. I park near them and see one non-crush priest whom I'm chummy with and from the driver side, my cute priest crush! I chat up my priest friend and say hi to cute priest crush. I can't bring myself to say more to him but I learn he's leaving for Austria on Sunday. So sad. But at least he knows me now! and I know that he prefers Trinoma too! Watch me die (of sin and giddiness)

[-] Drove my parents to my grandma's house and it's weird driving for my dad cause he's been driving forever and isn't used to being driven for. So it's odd having him kind of nervous which makes me nervous in return.

[+] Had dinner out with the family. I tried to be good and only ordered salad and vegetables. I feel proud for not being tempted by the pork or chicken rice bowls or the tempura! I was salivating over my siblings orders.


[+] Finished reading Perfect Fifths and I just can't get over how it's the last book ever in that series. I'll have to post another time about how much love this book is but that's for another time. I watched Children of Men and surprisingly loved it.

[+] Despite my aching feet, I accompanied my mom to the busiest mall ever, SM North to run some errands. I want to spend more time with the parents considering I'll be 'working' soon and I feel like I won't be able to just get up and go when I want to.

[+] Saw the trailer for Time Traveler's Wife and my heart stopped and I died. Literally. No my hair stood on end and I just started getting all choked up. Paola came into the room and asked if I was crying. And the sad part is, I haven't even read the book. Pamy's read this a gazillion years ago and now I have to.


Looks Who's Back, Back AgainPhoto courtesy of me
[+] My brother is FINALLY home! _lexizzle's arrival is justification for my non-working right now because I'm supposed to 'keep my brother company' which is just the front excuse for my real reason for non-working: laziness.

[+] Either way, I'm glad he's home cause it always feels like vacation when he's here. We already ended up eating a very late lunch out at Pancake House where it was weird seeing all my siblings and not have anyone missing.

[+] Thanks to searchtheskies, I finally read Hiding in Plain Sight and am obviously in love with it already. I love how Emmett has such a 'lead role' in this one. I'm a sucker for fic.
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