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Pushing Daisies 02x13: Kerplunk

I hate you ABC[Pushing Daisies TV]
Though I was this close to crying during the finale of Pushing Daisies, I somehow stopped the tears from flowing because a) my anger at ABC far outweighed how sad I felt at how this show was done; b) my head was still spinning from the amount of guest stars the finale had; b) my head cannot get over how this amazing show just aired its finale when I know there should be more.

So obviously, it still hasn't settled that this was the last I'd see of my beloved Pie Maker and his always so beautifully dressed Chuck; or of the always helpful Olive and the totally endearing Emerson and even the Darling Mermaid Sisters Lily and Vivian.

Obviously the show was too condensed and just plain shortened that I was barely breathing the entire time as I tried to absorb everything that was happening on top of the murder case and the fact that they had to tie everything up in under 41 minutes. Could ABC not have allowed them a double episode?! So mean.

The finale though jampacked had its share of the many many guest stars. I especially loved Wendie Malick (whom I still love from Just Shoot Me) as the rival of the Charles sisters. Then there's the dude from Mad TV who had such a bit part and Sid Tango (who really looks familiar) as well as Jimmy Neptune (who I swear I've seen elsewhere too!). Josh Hopkins was there too as this really stupid 'manager' but he's such a cutie.

So many guest stars, so little time. So very little time seems to be the theme of the last episode. Anyway, moving on, here are a few of the many things I will miss from this freaking fantastic show.

Aunt Lily And Aunt Vivian in the Water and out of it
Anything these two did or said or wore were always so full of color and life even when they were so devastatedly dead by the 'death' of Charlotte. The way it was revealed that Vivian knew about Lily's sleeping with her fiance and how Lily was trying to put Vivian's happiness before her own just broke my heart.

With how things ended, I wish we'd have seen how they'd reacted to the knowledge of Chuck's being 'alive' and how things would have gone if they did go on to Europe and how the Pie Maker would figure into all of this. But the look on their faces when Chuck showed up at their door? Heartbreaking. I wish I could have seen more.

The Fab 4 In Action
Even when they're not trying to solve a murder, these four just work so well together it's crazy how their chemistry is. I love them sitting in the booth and talking really fast that you have to watch it twice to absorb all of it. Them hiding from Lily and Vivian at Aquacade behind balloons was just plain adorable.

Then of course there's the last time Ned would ever 'touch' a dead person and it was just so funny how Chuck went all out with her tirade against Blanche. Though Olive never found out about Ned's special abilities, something tells me that if this went on for longer, I think they'd let her in on the secret eventually. That would have been fun to watch.

Olive and Emerson being adorably alone together
Though it's implied that Emerson finally meets Penny and Olive gets Randy Mann, you can still tell these two bond over their alone-ness in the world especially compared to the together-ness of Chuck and Ned. Emerson taking Olive under his wing and just guiding her and trying his best not to make her feel left out really touched me.

I wish we could have seen more of Randy and Olive's romance and of Emerson's reunion with Penny. I wish we could have seen Olive get into more cases and Emerson knit more scarves and gun holsters and just always supporting Olive when Chuck and Ned got too sweet for her liking.

The most intimate non-touching couple to ever exist
No touching has never been so sexy. I don't think I've ever been so turned on just by looking at this couple look at each other and want to hold each other. Though their relationship is different to say the least, Chuck and Ned make the most mundane things (like looking at each other) mean so much more.

I wish we could have seen how else these two would manage to make loopholes around their unconventional situation and how many more sweetly saccharine (it's that sweet) looks they give each other and how much of a good boyfriend Ned tries to be for Chuck. Ned, I say you've just been selfish enough. I wish we could have seen so much more.

The most endearingly awkward and charming Pie Maker
The cornerstone of this entire series, who knew a guy who could bring things back to life would be so adorably awkward and un-suave and just totally unconscious of how cute he is when he's in a suit rocking a neon green tie that only he could pull off.

Lee Pace has mastered the art of the puppy dog look because I capped so many more of his facial expressions and each of them more adorable than the next. And yet when in that suit and with the shades on, he still has that i'm-an-awkward-little-boy-with-abandonment-issues-please-love-me-look.

I wish we could have seen more of his brothers, more of his dad, more of him. More of Digby. More of the Pie Maker. More of his love for Chuck. More of him. More of his adventures with Emerson. More of him. More of his jealousy over Olive. More of him.

But no thanks to you, ABC, this is all we get. Twenty-two episodes too short of one of my favorite shows ever ever ever. I'm gonna miss Pushing Daisies so damn much, it's finally settling in that this is the last episode ever. I would say it was a good run, but it could have been better if there was more of it. Let me go cry now.
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